What to see and do in Sicuani

Sicuani is located at 3548 meters above sea level in the province of Canchis, Cusco. This beautiful city has a series of tourist attractions and history to tell; among the attractive sites you will find here are the Monument to Mateo Pumacahua, hero of the independence.

The old Cathedral, Arch of Pumacahua, Wacas of the community of Suyo, Thermal Waters of Uyurmiri, the House of Confederation, each site shows us its historical value. Also some activities are carried out in order to encourage tourism, such as the Motocross competition, anniversary celebrations in which some competitions are made, gastronomic fairs, among others.

What to visit in Sicuani?

Sicuani is full of history, culture and customs that are still practiced as well as its tourist attractions, here we will describe the history of each of its attractions:

The Immaculate Conception Church of Sicuani

Its colonial building dates from the late sixteenth century and is located in the main square of Sicuani, its total structure is made of adobe with a gable roof, has a single tower, the same that was built of stone type andesite and limestone.

Inside the church is the main altar and some beautiful paintings that surprise every visitor.

Arch of Pumacahua:

The stone arch is located in Jr. 2 de mayo, it is important for the historical value that it possesses, according to the inhabitants this arch was used to exhibit one of the arms of Pumacahua after executing him and was placed to avoid rebellions that served as punishment directed to the natives.

Statue of Mateo Pumacahua:

As Mateo Pumacahua was executed in this place and in commemoration of this character a statue was erected in the main square of Sicuani, with a pedestal on which is inscribed a legend mentioning the main heroes of the year 1984.

Sicuani Art Gallery:

Here you can find a collection of 172 canvases of the Cusco school, which were donated by a generous man from the district of Pitumarca. The sanctuary is located on a large promontory and has a view that reflects an arabesque memory.

Confederation House:

This house reminds us when the deputies of the departments of Arequipa, Cusco, Ayacucho and Puno that make up the southern part of Peru met in this place to form a free state.

Sanctuary of Pampacucho:

The church has only one tower, the interior has a simple design and the image of the Lord of Huanca is the one that stands out here.

The Wacas of the community of Suyo:

This site is 25 minutes from Sicuani, here you will find formations that were influenced by the Tiahuanaco culture, they are located in the square of the community in which the male is known as orqo pukaray and the female is china pukara.

The hot springs of Uyurmiri

The hot springs of Uyurmiri is known for having waters with medicinal properties that cure rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases related to bone, its water tends to a yellowish color by minerals.

Many tourists visit it because it is healing and attractive at the same time.

Uyurmiri hot springs

Uyurmiri hot springs

Cusco, is known for having the best tourist attractions and this place is no exception, Sicuani stands out for its
Abra or Paso de la Raya

Abra or Paso de la Raya

The mountain range La Raya is a series of mountains that is located in the Andes of Peru and limits

Where is Sicuani located?

How high is Sicuani?

Sicuani is at an altitude of 3548 meters above sea level, so during the winter season it tends to be very cold.

Distance from Cusco to Sicuani

To get to Sicuani from Cusco is a distance of 144 km, and the approximate time to get there by bus is 3 hours.