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Abra or Paso de la Raya

Home » Cusco » What to see and do in Sicuani » Abra or Paso de la Raya
Home » Cusco » What to see and do in Sicuani » Abra or Paso de la Raya

The mountain range La Raya is a series of mountains that is located in the Andes of Peru and limits between the regions of Cusco and Puno, its scenic beauty turns a yellowish color by the presence of straw or ichu along with its integrated fauna of alpacas, vicuñas and llamas.

The Abra or Paso de la Raya is at an altitude of 4335 meters above sea level, the highest point of the journey to Cusco and Puno. From this majestic place you can see part of the snowy Chimboya that is part of the Andes mountain range, according to scholars say that from these sacred mountains is born the sacred river of the Incas "The Vilcanota" that crosses the city of Cusco.

During the Inca period the communication routes were fundamental, for this reason we can currently evidence the construction of roads that united all the Inca territory and one of them we can evidence the Inca Trail of Cusco or Qollasuyo. They used this route to be able to commercialize products, at the same time it was used for the expansion and to be able to conquer the regions of the altiplano.

In the course of the road of the step of La Raya, you will observe different artisans of the place that offer their products to the visitors, also to taste they offer you plates based on alpaca, means of subsistence and it is the auquénido that abounds in this place.

If you are traveling, either freely or hiring the services of an agency, do not forget to contemplate this beautiful site that covers two regions.

Abra or Paso de la Raya
Abra or Paso de la Raya

Border of Cusco and Puno

The Abra or Paso de la Raya is the highest point between Cusco and Puno, and to visit either of these two regions you have to pass through the pass.

What to see and do in La Raya?

As I told you before, in La Raya you can take good pictures, see the snow capped mountains, rivers, animals, etc.

La Raya Mountain Range

The Mountain Range is located between two regions Cusco - Puno and is located in the southern part of the country, with an area of 5998 km² and its length is 117 km. Politically, it extends between the territory of Cusco, crossing the provinces of Acomayo, Canas, Canchis, Espinar and Puno, the province of Melgar.

Where is located the Raya Cusco Puno

It is in the south of Peru, and crosses the regions of Cusco and Puno.

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