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Uyurmiri hot springs

Home » Cusco » What to see and do in Sicuani » Uyurmiri hot springs
Home » Cusco » What to see and do in Sicuani » Uyurmiri hot springs

Cusco, is known for having the best tourist attractions and this place is no exception, Sicuani stands out for its Plaza de Armas in which is the Monument to Mateo Pumacahua, an important character of the independence of Peru.

Another tourist site that you also have to visit is the Uyurmiri Hot Springs, characterized by minerals such as sodium, magnesium, sulfate; its curative water helps people suffering from bone diseases.

The water temperature is 37° C, the pool is 10 m long, 4 individual pools and 15 dressing rooms. More and more domestic and foreign tourists come to the site in order to heal or just to know, any time of year and time is conducive to visit these hot springs.

Where is Uyurmiri Hot Springs located?

The thermal waters of Uyurmiri are located at 1 hour of the district of Sicuani, province of Canchis. They are in the territory of Pata Aza, community of the same district and it is to a height of 3800 msnm.


Temperature of the medicinal waters of Uyurmiri

The medicinal water of Uyurmirir reaches 37 °C, it is slightly yellowish due to minerals, it is bitter tasting and colourless.

Video of the Uyurmiri Hot Springs in Sicuani

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