Templo de los monos o Kusilluchayoq en Cusco

Home » Cusco » Visite des sites archéologiques les plus incroyables de Cusco » Templo de los monos o Kusilluchayoq en Cusco
Home » Cusco » Visite des sites archéologiques les plus incroyables de Cusco » Templo de los monos o Kusilluchayoq en Cusco

Want to visit an archaeological site just for you, then you must visit the Temple of the monkeys or Kusilluchayoq an Inca site unknown to many, but once you go you will be amazed by all the carved figures that you will find, you will also find the heart of the Pachamama.

Visit this magical site for free, because to enter you do not need to pay any cost unlike Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay, Puca Pucara, Pisac, Ollantaytambo among other places that if you must have your entrance ticket.

How to get to the temple of the monkeys in Cusco

To get to this site you must come to the archaeological complex of Qenqo, if you have a good physical condition you can walk from the Plaza Mayor de Cusco which will take you approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. The tour starts from the square and go in the direction of the triumph street, street that passes by the side of the Cathedral of Cusco and you go straight to San Blas and just follow all the way uphill until you reach the temple of the Monkeys.

The second route is to go by public transportation, you have to go to Rosaspata and from there take E.T. Cristo Blanco or E.T. Señor del Huerto that will leave you in Qenqo and then start the hike to the Temple of the Monkeys.

Why is it called the monkey temple?

It is not really known what was its original name, this denomination receives it because in this Inca archaeological complex was found figures of monkeys carved in the stones, the most prominent figure in the place; also found the figure of a snake, puma, but unfortunately these carvings have no head, you can only see his body..

It is said that the extirpators of idolatry were in charge of removing the head of each of the carvings, likewise, you can see corridors between each other, finely carved walls, Inca aqueducts that were used in sacred rituals.

Undoubtedly, this place was sacred and very important in Inca times, because in the place there is a place that is known as the heart of the Pachamama and to this day many use the place to make religious ceremonies for it is seen offerings such as flowers, coca leaves, etc. in this sacred stone.

What to see and do in the monkey cave?

  • Figure of monkeys, in the place predominates more the figures of monkeys carved in the stones that are in the archaeological complex, these figures are decapitated, because the extirpators of idolatries were in charge of removing their heads.
  • Carved figures, as well as monkeys you will also see a puma and snakes, they are not so visible but if you have an open mind you will be able to see it, although with time they are losing their shape.
  • Sacred stone, it is a stone also known as the heart of Pachamama in which many leave offerings: flowers, coca leaves and more.
  • Inca architecture, as we know, all Inca remains show their imposing culture through their constructions and this place is no exception.

Hours and admission prices

To visit the Temple of the Monkeys you can go early until 5 pm, admission is free so you should not pay any cost, just be careful to leave your waste, always remember to take them to a garbage container.

Finally, this place was considered as a religious center because there were found some religious vestiges, zoomorphic figures carved in stones, Inca road and more. It is advisable to visit this place in the company of your family, children, friends, colleagues.

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