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What to visit in Cajamarca : history, tradition and nature

Home » Conoce Perú » What to visit in Cajamarca : history, tradition and nature
Home » Conoce Perú » What to visit in Cajamarca : history, tradition and nature
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Cajamarca is a very beautiful region in northern Peru, whose capital was an important city for the Inca domain of Chinchaysuyo, the northern region of Tawantinsuyo. Many tourists seek to know the south of Peru, but the north has such a beautiful nature and landscapes unmatched.  In this article, we tell you the best places to visit in Cajamarca and have a complete experience of its Inca, Viceroyalty and present history.

The Prehispanic in Cajamarca

Cajamarca is mainly known for being the place where the Spaniards trapped the Inca Atahualpa, the first episode of the conquest of Peru. The story goes that for the rescue of Atahualpa, a room full of gold and two of silver were paid, a true world record. And one of the main attractions in the city is El Cuarto de Rescate, where Atahualpa was imprisoned before his death and which is located one block from the Plaza de Armas.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Baños del Inca, a hot springs located 6 km from the city that have hundreds of years of use. The only thing that remains of Inca in these is a small building, but the waters still maintain their medicinal properties for which the ancient Peruvians came. For those who are really interested in pre-Hispanic history, there is the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum of the Belen Monumental Complex, which displays pre-Hispanic pieces and tells the history of the city and the region.

What to visit in Cajamarca : history, tradition and nature
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For much of its history, Cajamarca was home to several pre-Inca cultures that are not given much importance, but have left important archaeological remains. The best known are the Ventanillas de Otuzco and Combayo, two very similar burial complexes showing niches carved into a mountain, which are 1900 and 3500 years old. Another important site

The Traditional in Cajamarca

Cajamarca is one of the most beautiful cities in Peru for its colonial architecture and churches. The Plaza de Armas awaits you with two beautiful churches of the seventeenth century, the Cathedral Santa Catalina and San Francisco Church. Nearby is also the Temple of Belen, known as the most beautiful in the whole country for its facade, which is part of a whole architectural complex that includes the Men's Hospital and the Women's Hospital.

Nearby is also the beautiful Mirador Santa Apolonia, located on a hill that has botanical gardens and a chapel on top, from where you can see the whole city. Finally, 40 minutes from the city is the Santuario Virgen del Rosario de Polloc, full of mosaics and carvings that are worth visiting.

Cajamarca still breathes the tradition and charm of the Peruvian highlands. Its markets are so colorful and varied that they are an attraction in themselves. Cajamarca is also known for being the capital of the Peruvian carnival, which takes place in February and has beautiful costumes, masks, dances and delicious food.

Ecological in Cajamarca

What to visit in Cajamarca : history, tradition and nature

Cajamarca, like the entire Peruvian highlands, has been primarily an agricultural region. Hacienda La Collpa is a famous historic cattle ranch 11 kilometers from the city, famous because its cows are named after it. This place has a beautiful artificial lagoon with a chapel that is the tallest clay building on the continent. Another beautiful place is the Porcon Farm, which raises sheep and cattle, has hundreds of hectares of pine forests and also has a zoo with native and exotic animals.

Cajamarca also has an incredible geography with unparalleled landscapes, perfect to connect with nature and get away from the cities. The forest of stones of Cumbemayo is a sacred place, full of towering rocks that resemble extraordinary figures. In addition, Cumbemayo is home to a 3000 year old aqueduct that still works and even seems to make the water go up the mountain.

Another magical place are the waterfalls of the town of Llacanora, two waterfalls called female and male which can be reached in a short time. It is the perfect place to spend a beautiful and peaceful day, just 12 km from Cajamarca. Less known but just as beautiful is the San Nicolas Lagoon, located between mountains and near the beautiful town of Namora. It is another perfect place to

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