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Tierras de Los Andes was created in 2000 and specializes in tailor-made trips. It is located in Peru and Bolivia and creates customized travel experiences off the beaten path. We will help you find your perfect trip, whether it is a trekking adventure, a romantic honeymoon, a luxury vacation, an authentic cultural trip, a local stay, a nature experience or a budget trip. The Tierras de Los Andes team is made up of passionate and experienced travelers coming from different parts of Peru and the world.
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We are leaders in trekking in Peru, with expert guides and unique routes that will take you to the most impressive landscapes and unforgettable adventures in the majestic Peruvian nature.

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Discover excellence in our rural tourism tours in Peru, where we take you to live the genuine, connecting you with the culture and unique natural environments of the country.

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We are experts in creating customized tripss, designed exclusively for you. Our passion is to transform your dreams into unique experiences, adapting every detail to your wishes and needs.

Tourist packages in Peru and Bolivia.

Explore the wonders of Peru and Bolivia with our exciting trips, tours and tour packages. Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, visit magical places and live unique Andean experiences. From the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu citadel  to other amazing destinations, our tours will leave you in awe. Come and discover what these incredible experiences have in store for you!
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Best tour Cusco in 9 days

Vinicunca, Machu Picchu
$ 1275.00
9 days
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Discover Peru tour in 10 days

Huacachina, Machu Picchu
$ 1470.00
10 days
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The best of peru in 15 days

Lago Titicaca, Machu Picchu
$ 1750.00
15 days
10 000+
50 000+

Explore our travels in Peru

Explore our travel categories and discover Peru's most fascinating destinations with our expert tour guides.
Tours imperdibles
Unique and exciting experiences that you can't miss on your travels.
Community tourism
Authentic experiences that engage local communities and foster cultural exchange.
Trekking tours
Discover nature in exciting adventures on foot, exploring landscapes and challenging trails.
Spiritual journeys
Deep exploration of sacred places, meditation and reflection for inner peace.
Tours full day
Intense one-day adventures to explore fascinating and varied destinations to the fullest.
Experience Tours
Trips offering authentic encounters and activities to create unforgettable memories

Trekking tours in Cusco - Peru

Discover the most impressive natural landscapes of Peru and live a unique adventure experience with our best treks.
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Trek Choquequirao to Machu Picchu 6 days

Choquequirao, Machu Picchu
$ 800
6 days
Ville Blanche D'arequipa

Inca Trail Trek 4 Days

Camino Inca, Machu Picchu
4 days
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Trek salkantay to Machu Picchu 4 days

Salkantay, Machu Picchu
7 days
Travel and get to know the south of Peru differently
We are waiting for you.

Why travel with Tierras de los Andes?

Book your stay and enjoy a unique experience with tierras de los andes, specialist in personalized trips in peru.
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Certified quality of services

Measuring actual quality and detecting defects in the quality control program.
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Tailor-made travel

Worry-free travel with customized design and satisfaction guaranteed.
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Community and international network

National company, always at your disposal when you need it.
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Spirit of adventure

Live and cultivate the Spirit of Adventure in Peru on a daily basis.
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Respect for the local community

Live and cultivate the Spirit of Adventure in Peru on a daily basis.

Social and environmental responsibility

At Terandes, we are committed to social and environmental responsibility by promoting sustainable tourism and supporting local communities in Peru.
Proyecto Qeswachaqa
Rural community-based tourism
From inhabitant's house - Q'eswachaka
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Botanical garden project
Of native plants - Zurite
Proyecto Vivienda Rural
Rural housing project
Improved - Cusco
Plantacion En Urubamba
Tree planting project
Machu Picchu

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Our customers share their experiences in Terandes, highlighting our commitment, quality and exceptional service. Their testimonials are our best letter of introduction.

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Contact us at Tierras de los Andes to begin designing your customized adventure in the spectacular Andes region of Peru.
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1. Why choose the land of the Andes?

Tierras de los Andes is constantly looking for ways to make your trip as perfect as possible, from the way we plan the trip to the unique experience you will enjoy during your stay. We want to create authentic travel experiences, sharing our wonderful culture, highlights and hidden treasures of South America.

2. Tours and package tours in Peru

Get to know Peru! We invite you to travel and discover the most amazing destinations that only Peru can offer you, we have travel packages from 1 day to 20 days.

3. Book with Tierras de los Andes | Terandes ?

Your new destination is waiting for you, to book just send an email to ventascusco@terandes.com, you can also write to us at WhatsApp: +51 984 550 165

Useful information for travelers

Find essential information for your trip: tips, recommendations and practical information for a smooth travel experience.
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