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Pachamama Day | Payment to the Earth

Home » Festividades del Perú » Pachamama Day | Payment to the Earth
Home » Festividades del Perú » Pachamama Day | Payment to the Earth
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The ''Pachamama'' goddess Mother Earth is a deity that is rooted in the deep thinking and feeling of many Peruvians for representing the feminine energy of maternal nature and abundance.

She is the representation of Andean resistance after centuries and centuries of external influence, a goddess who is seen today as the most important representation of the spiritual world within the Andean cosmovision.

Today the Pachamama is still worshipped and adored, mostly by the Andean people, and this adoration can be seen even in the smallest details, even in the biggest celebrations.

When and on what day is payment made to the land?

The payment to the earth is made at certain specific times, especially during the times of planting and harvesting, with greater amplitude during the day of the Pachamama that is celebrated on August 1st with greater fervor and faith in the Andean cities.

What is the payment to the Pachamama or payment to the earth?

The payment to the land is a ritual of gratitude that is performed by Pampa Misayoc or Paqos masters, this ceremony is carried out in the middle of Quechua or Aymara prayers.

This is a celebration that takes place not only during August 1st, but also during the beginning of the sowing or harvest time.

The feeling of union of the Peruvians with the earth is so great that these ceremonies are performed regardless of the date. Always with the purpose of thanking the earth for all the goodness it provides and asking for its blessing and protection.

How is a payment made to the land in Peru?

Ofrenda A La Pachamama
Offering to the Pachamama

The ritual consists of assembling a symbolic table where the offerings for the earth are placed. This is done in a specific way, by the paqo, it is important to emphasize that this type of ceremonies must be performed by the Andean masters.

Always with much respect, since these ceremonies are as essential for the Andean man as a mass is for the Catholic man.

Among the elements that are included in the table of offering are

  • Coca leaves, sacred leaves that cannot be missing in any kind of Andean ritual.
  • Chicha, a drink made from corn, which is offered to the earth, the apus, the sun, among other Andean deities.
  • Although today the llama sacrifice is something that may be shocking to many, this is something that was practiced until a few years ago. Today, the fetus of a llama or llama tallow is placed in the offering.
  • Cookies and candies, since it is believed that Pachamama likes sweets.
  • Also, present are incenses of native flowers, and palo santo.
  • Additional elements are present, such as the pututu, which is a musical instrument made of large seashells.
  • Condor feathers, this was a sacred bird, so its feathers are also taken during the celebration of these ceremonies.

The payment to the Pachamama ends by burning the offering and burying the remains directly in the earth.

Salida Fija A Costa Rica
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