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The Lord of Huanca

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Home » Festividades del Perú » The Lord of Huanca
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The Lord of Huanca, whose sanctuary is located 48 km from the city of Cusco in the province of Calca, at 3100 meters above sea level, is a sample of the cultural and religious syncretism that has occurred over time in the thinking and way of life of the Andean people, wrapped in many stories.

Undoubtedly, the Lord of Huanca is one of the greatest religious exponents of the city of Cusco, known as the miraculous healer and comforter of the poor, the Lord of Huanca receives thousands of visitors a year.

What is the history of the Señor de Huanca?

Regarding the origin of this sacred image there are two very important legends:

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First Story

The legend tells that in the year 1675 in the mines of Yasos, Diego Quispe was a slave exploited in the mines of Yasos. Tired of the constant abuse and mistreatment Diego decides to escape to Chinchero, at dawn he seeks refuge in some caves in which he began to pray throughout the day asking for protection and that he would not be found.

When night fell Diego wanted to continue his escape, but he saw that the night was completely dark without being able to see anything, when suddenly from inside the cave there was a powerful light that left him dazzled, he heard the voice of a man who told him:

Diego has been chosen to be a messenger of my goodness and mercy, this place will now be a source of forgiveness'', before Diego was the vision of a Christ bleeding from the scourging he had received.

At dawn Diego left to look for the priest of Chincheros returning with a small group of people to the cave, and when entering all contemplated the presence of the scourged Christ. They called the best painter to engrave that apparition, and this is how the image of the Christ remains today.

Second History

Following the story years later it is said that the wealthy Pedro Valero, who was a miner, suffered from such a serious illness that no doctor could find a cure.

Suddenly an acclaimed healer who was said to be miraculous arrived in the city and was soon sent for, giving Don Pedro Valero the treatment for his illness with water sessions, miraculously curing all his ills.

When he had fully recovered, he wanted to give the healer his riches, but the latter refused and replied, "If you want to thank me, visit my house in Cusco in Huanca". Pedro Valero did so, he made a long journey without anyone being able to give him information about that mysterious healer or the Huanca people.

Some days later he saw some peasants arrive with good firewood, and when he asked where they came from, they answered, 'from Huanca'. Pedro then asked them to take him there immediately, and they did so, warning him that no one lived there, and indeed the place looked desolate.

Peter, however, found the cave where he could see in rock the painting of his healer, it was a scourged Christ from whose wounds the blood was still flowing, worshipping and praying to him.

What day is the Lord of Huanca celebrated?

The day of the main celebration of the Lord of Huanca is September 14, day in which thousands of devotees attend the chapel of Christ, the pilgrimage many times the most devout people make it on foot from long distances by way of gratitude for the favors granted, or to ask to be granted a miracle.

Pilgrimage custom of the Lord of Huanca

The pilgrimage is often made on foot from long distances by the most devout people as a way of giving thanks for favors granted, or to ask for a miracle to be granted to them.

It is also important to point out that at the foot of the chapel the sale of "alasitas" and "suertes" takes place, where you can buy property titles, cars, university degrees, and others.

This represents all that one wishes to obtain with the blessing of the Lord of Huanca.

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