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Mistura Gastronomic Fair in Peru

Home » Gastronomía Peruana » Mistura Gastronomic Fair in Peru
Home » Gastronomía Peruana » Mistura Gastronomic Fair in Peru
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Peru is one of the countries with the most varied gastronomy, recognized Worldwide as a World Culinary Destination. It has a wide range of agricultural products, fishery and livestock, as well as different regions of the coast, highlands and jungle. Each one with different representative dishes that enrich our heritage and cultural value.

Peru invites you to taste its delicious stews at the Mistura Gastronomic Fair, where you can find a varied presentation of typical dishes from each region of Peru.

What is the Mistura gastronomic fair in Lima, Peru?

The Mistura fair is one of the most important gastronomic fairs in South America with more than 10 years of trajectory, it is an exhibition in which visitors can taste the most representative typical dishes of each region of Peru.

When does Mistura take place in Peru?

Although it is true that this fair does not have a fixed date, it is very sure that it will take place during the first weeks of September and may last from 5 to 10 days, giving enough time for you to taste the most delicious dishes of Peru and also to acquire the products of the different regions of Peru.

Location and where is Mistura held in Peru?

The fair is held in the city of Lima, organized by the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy founded by the renowned Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio, each year this fair has had a different location, but always within the city of Lima. If you wish to visit Mistura, you can consult with your travel consultant for more detailed information about this fair.

Distribution of the worlds in Mistura

Peruvian gastronomy has a wide variety due to the culinary fusions that have occurred throughout history, as well as a large list of dishes for each region, so they have created the 12 gastronomic worlds, which you will find inside the fair, and these are:

Mistura Gastronomic Fair
Pisco at the Mistura Gastronomic Fair in Peru
  • Limeño World: in this world you will be able to find dishes originally from Lima, such as causa limeña, Limeño desserts, nougat, etc.
  • Chifa - Nikkei World: Here you will find dishes of Japanese origin that over the years have come to merge with Peruvian food, creating new dishes with unique flavors, try the Makkis Acevichados, Mimpao, Makkis Ahuancainados among others.
  • Mundo de las Brasas: In this world are the suckling pigs, grilled chickens, alpaca meat in Chinese box, and stands out for the exquisite aroma of the spices that season the meats.
  • World of Sanguche: If you are looking to try some of the most representative Peruvian Sanguches that are present in most Peruvian breakfasts, this is the world you are looking for, try the Turkey Sanguche, Pan con chicharron, with sautéed pork loin, among others.
  • Southern World: Here are the dishes of the southern regions of the Peruvian coast, highlighting the Picantes tacneños, Rocotos arequipeños, Carapulcras, Chupes de camarones, Caldillos de pescado, etc. 
  • Northern World: The northern coastal regions are united, presenting dishes such as seco de Cabrito, Tamalitos verdes, Frejoles con seco, as well as drinks and desserts.
  • Amazonian World: Here you will find the most picturesque and exotic dishes of the Peruvian jungle, you will find from Brochetas de suri, Juanes, Paiches, Mazamorras de plátano y yuca.
  • Andean World: Here you will find Andean dishes made from agricultural products, cultivated since pre-Inca times, enjoy corn creams, Chicharrones, guinea pig dishes, Quinoa desserts and Andean cereals.
  • World of Taverns: After you have tasted the most exquisite dishes of Peru, enjoy the collection of Piscos, Wines, anisettes and Artisanal Beers to "take the food down" and continue your visit to all the worlds of Mistura.
  • World of liquids: If you are looking to quench your thirst, but are not necessarily looking for a wine or beer, the world of liquids offers a wide variety of juices, emollients, Chicha morada, infusions of native plants, such as coca, muña, sage, fruit cremoladas from all over the country. This is the world where you can take a break and refresh yourself before continuing your visit to Mistura.
  • World of Anticuchos: this world stands out for its smoky personality, a whole world dedicated only to anticuchos, which are a dish with a deep history, which began in the corners of Lima, in the streets, alleys, and today has become one of the most representative dishes of Peru.
  • World of Ceviches: Here you will find Peru's flagship dish, the highly acclaimed ceviche, this world offers a variety of ceviches prepared with different species of fish from the Peruvian sea, you can also find other dishes such as chilcanos, rice with seafood, crab shots, shrimp, and other seafood dishes.
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