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How to get to Taquile Island

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To get to Taquile Island or known as the “Island of the children of the sun” there are several ways, and you just have to get your bags ready, because here I will give you some details for you to visit Taquile.

Where Taquile Island is located

Taquile Island is located in Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian side, is one of the largest islands of Titicaca with an altitude of 3950 meters above sea level, is 35 kilometers from the port of Puno.

Taquile Lago Titicaca
Taquile Titicaca Lake

How to get to Taquile Island from Cusco

To get to this beautiful island you must take a bus, plane or train from the city of Cusco, navel of the world, to get to Taquile.

In this case, you must take a direct bus to the city of Puno, from there you must take a boat to Taquile Island, the trip will take about 3 hours from the port of Puno.

The other option you can take is to come by train, PeruRail is the only company that comes to Puno and makes the Routes of the Sun in which you will know several archaeological sites, once in Puno you must go to the port of the same, and rent the services of rafts that take you to Taquile Island.

Finally, you can go by plane to Juliaca and from there go by bus directly to Puno. These three options will take you to the port of Puno, here you must buy a ticket that will take you to Taquile Island, the trip will take 3 hours and the boats leave at 8 and 8:30 in the morning.

Generally, most travelers visit the islands with a tour operator, who organizes all the visits and things to do on the islands.

How to get to Taquile Island from Lima

To get to Taquile, you have to fly from Lima to the city of Juliaca, then take a bus to the city of Puno, from here you have to buy your tickets at the port of Puno to Taquile.

Another option to get there is by land with one stop, you must leave in commercial buses to Arequipa or Cusco, once in these cities you must buy tickets in the Terminal Terrestre and go to Puno, then go to the port of the same and buy your tickets to Taquile Island.

Vista De La Isla Taquile
Taquile Island View

How to get to Taquile Island from Arequipa

This route is closer, you have to go to the Terminal Terrestre of Arequipa and buy your tickets to the folkloric city of Puno, the trip is about 5 hours. Once in Puno, you must go directly to the port to buy your tickets that will take you to Taquile Island, a journey of approximately 3 hours, in the course of the trip you make a stop on the island of the Uros, where you can optionally visit or wait the visit time and continue with your trip.

How to get to Taquile Island from Puno

This is the most direct route or means, if you are in Puno and want to visit the Taquile Island, then you have to go to the port of Lago Titicaca (Puno) and buy your entrance tickets to the Taquile Island. All the boats that are in the port go to the most famous islands of Lake Titicaca, on the route they make stops, for example, make a short stop on the floating island of Uros (1 hour and a half), then continues its journey to Taquile Island.

Exploring Taquile Island with Tierra de los Andes will be one of the best adventures you will do, not only will we do your itinerary, but you will be able to integrate with the families that live in Taquile, learn about their culture, customs, participate in the planting and harvesting of products, learn their weaving technique and more. Don't wait any longer and travel with us.

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