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Plaza De Armas De Puno

Main Square of Puno

January 7, 2023
Over the years this beautiful square has undergone some modifications, but that does not mean it has lost its architectural beauty, on the contrary, it…
Machu Picchu

Travel to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Nazca Lines

December 22, 2022
Visit the best of Peru, discover Peru by visiting these 3 incredible destinations. Meet the Wonder of the World Machu Picchu, located in the beautiful…
Tour Perú

Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca Tour Package

December 22, 2022
Do you want to take the best memories, then make your trip unforgettable by visiting the best Inca sites of Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.…
Isla Taquile

1 night homestay experience on Lake Titicaca

December 21, 2022
Share experiences, cultures during 1 night in Taquile Island, by doing rural tourism you will learn many valuable things, in the afternoon you will appreciate…
Leyenda Del Lago Titicaca

Meaning of the name Lake Titicaca

December 21, 2022
The name Lake Titicaca has a lot of meaning, and is located on the border of two countries, it is also considered the largest navigable…
Profundidad del Lago Titicaca

Depth of Lake Titicaca

December 21, 2022
Now we will talk about the depth of Lake Titicaca, which has an antiquity of more than 3 million years, is currently considered one of…
Visita Lago Titicaca

Best time to visit Lake Titicaca

December 21, 2022
I know we have asked ourselves this question before traveling, what is the best time to visit Lake Titicaca? In this guide we will explain…
Isla Flotante Puno

Straw Islands of Lake Titicaca Peru

December 20, 2022
The floating islands of Lake Titicaca are undoubtedly one of the most recent tourist attractions of the city of Puno, although the presence of these…
Isla Taquile

What to do in Taquile Island - Lake Titicaca

December 20, 2022
Taquile Island or Intika is a village of farmers and the best Quechua-speaking weavers in the world, has become a favorite destination for many tourists,…
Portada Del Sol Tiawanaku

Sun Gate, Tiahuanaco-Lake Titicaca

December 20, 2022
The Sun Gate is one of the greatest monuments of the Tiahuanaco culture, in other words it is like the icon that identifies this civilization.…
Isla Flotante De Los Uros

The Floating Islands of the Uros in Lake Titicaca

December 20, 2022
The Floating Islands of the Uros, is one of the unmissable destinations that you have to visit Lake Titicaca in Puno, as we know Titicaca…
Chullpas De Sillustani, Puno

Chullpas of Sillustani, Inca Cemetery of Puno

December 19, 2022
Puno has many attractions to visit, and it is more than just going to the islands, Sillustani is one of them in which shows us…
Uros Puno

3 Days Tour to Puno and Titicaca from Cusco

December 19, 2022
Traveling and getting to know new destinations allows us to connect with history and at the same time we can disconnect from routine life with…
Pobladores De Los Uros

The Inhabitants of Lake Titicaca

December 19, 2022
The inhabitants of Lake Titicaca live in their different houses made of totora reeds on the surface of the lake and share with tourists their…
Origen De La Leyenda Titicaca

Legend of the Origin of Lake Titicaca

December 19, 2022
Peru and Bolivia share the territory of Titicaca and the great legend of the origin of Lake Titicaca, on the other hand, this is considered…
Isla Taquile Puno

Uros Island and Taquile Island Tour by boat

December 19, 2022
Visiting the island of the Uros and Taquile island of Lake Titicaca has become very popular, because seeing people living in the middle of the…
Isla Taquile Peru

Taquile Island Tours

December 19, 2022
Taquile Island has a lot of things to see and interesting places to visit, going through the waters of Taquile will help you connect with…
Isla De La Luna

Moon Island (Lake Titicaca)

December 19, 2022
The Moon Island or Koati Island was essential at the time of the Inca Empire, because here was located the Palace of the Virgin of…
Isla Titinos, Puno

Titinos Islands

December 19, 2022
Puno is characterized by having the most beautiful and visited islands of southern Peru, for example the Uros Island is one of the most impressive,…
Isla Yuspique, Lago Titicaca

Yuspike Island | Yuspique

December 19, 2022
Yuspique is another of the Wiñaymarca islands and also has many attractive places. Its inhabitants still preserve their ancestral customs and practices. In the place…
Islas Antamaní Lago Titicaca

2-day tour Titicaca, Uros, Amantani and Taquile

December 15, 2022
We will visit the 3 most famous and touristic islands of Lake Titicaca, where they teach us all their customs, textiles, way of life. Each…
Lago Titicaca Los Uros

Titicaca Lake Tours from Cusco

December 14, 2022
Visit Lake Titicaca on a 12 days and 11 nights tour adventure, one of the best options to visit part of the south, which includes…
Lago Titicaca

Adventure Tourism in Titicaca Lake

December 14, 2022
Puno has many places to visit, such as Lake Titicaca, but that's not all, if you like extreme adventures, you should definitely do it. You…
P. Lago Titicaca

Scheduled trip to Lake Titicaca

December 14, 2022
Visiting Lake Titicaca in Puno has become one of the most visited destinations in Peru, an incredible place where you can connect with its culture,…
Viaje Espiritual Lago Titicaca

Spiritual Journeys to Lake Titicaca-Bolivia

December 13, 2022
Lake Titicaca is considered by its inhabitants as the sacred lake for its history and origin that spans between Peru and Bolivia, this destination has…
Lago Titica Peru

Visiting Lake Titicaca from Puno

December 13, 2022
Maybe you have asked yourself, how to visit Lake Titicaca from Puno? Well, this paradisiacal place has several tourist destinations, but what surprises and enchants…
Isla De Soto, Puno

Soto Island

December 13, 2022
I know you already know the most famous islands of Lake Titicaca, such as Taquile Island, Uros, Amantani; however, now we will talk about one…
Isla De Anapia Puno

Anapia Island

December 12, 2022
Anapia Island, also known as the “Island of the Vicuñas”, is one of the most important islands in Lake Titicaca. Here you can do adventure…
Copacabana Lago Titicac

Visit Lake Titicaca from La Paz

December 12, 2022
Lake Titicaca stretches between the two nations of Bolivia and Peru, its deep blue waters make it a paradisiacal destination; bordered to the northeast by…
Isla Campanario, Bolivia

Campanario Island

December 12, 2022
If you thought that visiting the Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna was all in Bolivia, well you are wrong, just as Peru…
Incendio En La Isla De Los Uros

Fire on Uros Island 2022

December 12, 2022
About 30 residents, including men, women, elderly and children, fought a fire on Uros Island 2022, in the city of Puno, exactly in Los Uros…
Tour En La Isla De Los Uros

Half day excursion to the Uros Island from Puno

December 12, 2022
On the half day excursion to the Uros Island from Puno, we will learn about the way of life on the floating island, what the…
Uros Puno

1 Day Excursion Lake Titicaca, Taquile and Uros

December 12, 2022
Live an unforgettable experience visiting the most famous islands for tourists, within the guided 1 day excursion Lake Titicaca, Taquile and Uros to learn about…
Crucero Catamaran Lago Titicaca

Catamaran Cruise in Lake Titicaca

December 7, 2022
Do you want to venture on a Caribbean style cruise? Then you must come to Lake Titicaca, here you can visit the Catamaran Cruise, the…
Isla Taquile Puno

How to get to Taquile Island

December 7, 2022
To get to Taquile Island or known as the “Island of the children of the sun” there are several ways, and you just have to…
Isla Artificial De Los Uros

How to get to Uros Island

December 7, 2022
There are different ways to get to the floating island of the Uros in Puno, for example you can do it by bus, plane or…
Visita A Llachón

What to do in Llachón - Titicaca?

December 7, 2022
The town of Llachón has beautiful landscapes with pre-Inca stories, where it shows the natural habitat of the inhabitants. You may wonder what to do…
Lago Titicaca, Binacional

Characteristics of Lake Titicaca

December 6, 2022
Titicaca is one of the most important destinations for the Inca civilization. To learn more, we will talk about the characteristics of Lake Titicaca where…
Aves En El Lago Titicaca Peru Y Bolivia

What birds to see in Lake Titicaca? Birdwatching

December 6, 2022
The Titicaca National Reserve is home to a great variety of birds, this was recognized by the Ramsar Convention as a wetland of international importance,…
Plaza De Ayaviri

Gastronomy of Ayaviri

December 6, 2022
The gastronomy of Ayaviri is made from native products, they are very healthy food that is highly recommended to consume, add to that the distinctive…
Catedral De Ayaviri

Cathedral of Ayaviri

December 5, 2022
Considered as one of the best expressions of the colonial architecture, the Cathedral San Francisco de Asis of Ayaviri enchants with the Andean baroque style…
Templo Museo Nuestra Señora De La Asunción Puno

Our Lady of the Assumption Temple Museum

December 5, 2022
Whoever wishes to visit the Temple Museum Nuestra Señora de la Asunción has to know that it has a construction of colonial architecture with Renaissance…
Mercado De Artesanias De Puno

Puno handicrafts market

December 5, 2022
The handicraft market of Puno has a lot of history, experience to tell as we know the people had two sources of wealth that was…
Catedral De Puno

Visit the Cathedral of Puno

December 5, 2022
Visit the Cathedral of Puno is one of the important attractions of this beautiful city, if you are in Puno you have to visit it,…
San Antonio De Padua Puno

San Antonio de Padua Temple

December 5, 2022
The temple San Antonio de Padua, patron saint of the province of the same name, has a lot of history to discover, its colonial architecture…
Templo De La Fertilidad, Puno

Temple of fertility of Chucuito

December 3, 2022
Peru is one of the destinations with more cultural roots and is transmitted from generation to generation, obtaining several mystical centers as the archaeological site…
Cañon Del Diablo Ayaviri, Puno

Tourism in Ayaviri

December 3, 2022
You are visiting the southern part of Peru, then you must go to Ayaviri, Puno. This place has several attractive places to visit, stories to…
Desaguadero Perú Bolivia

What to see and do in Desaguadero

December 2, 2022
Desaguadero is one of the few places that is located between two countries, being the closest and easiest border to access; here you can visit…
Toritos De Pucará, Puno


December 2, 2022
You are visiting part of southern Peru and you have already visited Lake Titicaca, now it's your turn to visit Pucara, an unmissable destination that…
Museo Carlos Dreyer, Puno

Carlos Dreyer Museum

December 2, 2022
Today known as the Carlos Dreyer Municipal Museum located in the city of Puno, one of the places that keeps a lot of history; in…
Museo Carlos Dreyer, Puno

Carlos Dreyer Museum

December 2, 2022
Today known as the Carlos Dreyer Municipal Museum located in the city of Puno, one of the places that keeps a lot of history; in…
Mirador Kuntur Wasi Puno

Condor viewpoint in Puno

December 2, 2022
Do you want to enjoy the best views? Then, you should head to the viewpoint of the condor in Puno to appreciate the whole city…
Mirador de Huajsapata

Cerro Huajsapata Viewpoint

December 2, 2022
Known as the Cerrito de Huajsapata, "Witness of my loves" because it dazzles more than one visitor for its natural attraction, it is such a…
Puno, Bolivia

Getting from Puno to Bolivia

December 2, 2022
To get from Puno to Bolivia you must cross the border of Peru, these two countries share the territory of Lake Titicaca, therefore if you…
Historia Del Lago Titicaca

Location of Lake Titicaca

December 1, 2022
Regarding the location of the largest freshwater Lake Titicaca in South America is located between Peru (west) and Bolivia (east), at an altitude of over…
Casa Del Corregidor De Puno

House of the corregidor of Puno

December 1, 2022
Puno, also known as the folkloric capital of America, is a town proud to have the most beautiful islands of the south, as well as…
Museos Naval Puno

Puno Naval Museum

November 29, 2022
Heritage of great importance, the Naval Museum of Puno keeps valuable documents such as: the account of documents of maritime history, the beginning of Lake…
Iglesia Santa Ana Valle Colca Web

Temples and churches of the Colca Valley, Peru

November 29, 2022
The tourist destination of the Colca Valley, impresses with the number of temples, most of which are considered Historical Monument and Cultural Heritage of the…
Museo De La Coca Y Costumbres

Coca Museum and customs Puno

November 29, 2022
The Coca Museum and customs, is important because here is highlighted the importance of this ancestral plant "coca" in which we will show the varieties…
Iglesia De La Merced En Puno

Temple of La Merced in Puno

November 22, 2022
Visiting one of the historic temples of Puno will be like going back in history, each temple in Puno shows us a main feature that…
Iglesia Matriz De Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina Mother Church

November 22, 2022
The Matriz de Santa Catalina Church or White Church of Juliaca dates from 1649, the date in which its construction began, but it took 125…
Iglesia De San Pedro, Puno

San Pedro Church - Puno

November 22, 2022
The Church of San Pedro de Puno, is the biggest and oldest temple of Juli located in the main square of this city. This colonial…
Iglesia de San Juan Bautista, Puno

San Juan Bautista Church

November 22, 2022
The church of San Juan Bautista de Puno is more than 200 years old in the city of Puno, being the main home of the…
Catedrales de Puno

Churches and temples in Puno

November 22, 2022
To understand the presence of churches and temples in Puno, it is necessary to talk about the colonial period, when the Spaniards needed to have…
El Barco Yavarí, Perú

The Yavari ship - the oldest ship in the world

November 22, 2022
Peru has a lot of cultural richness still to be discovered and others that despite the years are still historical and relevant, here we will…
Cueva De Los Toros En Lampa

Cave of the bulls in Lampa, Cave of Lenzora

November 22, 2022
Cuevas del Toro, Cueva del Puma or officially called as the Cave of Lenzora is located in Lampa, department of Puno. It was declared as…
Cañón De Tinajani

What to see and do in Tinajani Canyon?

November 22, 2022
Puno has many attractive places to visit, we have already visited Lake Titicaca, now it's our turn to go to the imposing Tinajani Canyon, a…
Copacabana Bolivia

How to get to Copacabana, all routes

November 21, 2022
Copacabana or Mirador de Azul (meaning in Quechua) is famous for its religious celebrations, and its traditional festivities; however, it is the starting point to…
Chullpas De Cutimbo, Puno

The Chullpas of Cutimbo, Puno

November 21, 2022
This important attraction "The Chullpas of Cutimbo" are the best cultural expression that could leave us the people of Lupacas, Collas and Incas, with structures…
Lago Titicaca Peru Bolivia

How to get to Lake Titicaca?

November 16, 2022
To get to Lake Titicaca there are several ways, via train, bus or plane; any of these routes will take you to the most visited lake in Peru, second…
Lago Titicaca Peru

Lake Titicaca Peru - the largest and most mysterious lake in Peru

October 18, 2022
Visit the Peruvian Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca is also known as the highest navigable lake in the world, at 3800 meters above sea level. It…
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