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Location of Lake Titicaca

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Regarding the location of the largest freshwater Lake Titicaca in South America is located between Peru (west) and Bolivia (east), at an altitude of over 3800 m.a.s.l. is considered one of the most navigable lakes and for this reason he was recognized as a tourist destination.

Also in the lake you will find about 40 islands, among them the main ones are Uros, Amantani, Taquile, Isla del Sol, the latter tells a legend that says that from its waters emerged the God Viracocha who gave birth to the world we know today and then came his children Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo who founded the Inca Empire.

Where is Lake Titicaca located?

Lake Titicaca comprises two countries:

On the Peruvian side, it is located in the department of Puno where you can visit the three most important islands such as the floating island of Uros, Taquile Island and Amantani Island.

Uros Island: Its artificial floating islands will teach you to know the benefits of a plant perhaps ancestral, the totora, because this was key to its development both in society and economically. Likewise, its people still maintain their culture, their Aymara language and you will also learn about their livelihood.

Isla Uros Puno
Uros Island Puno Photo: @chriss_valeria

Taquile Island: It is three hours away from the Uros Island, where you will appreciate pre-Inca and Inca constructions, its inhabitants are experts in creating textiles, because they tell all their history, experiences and their culture in their weavings.

Isla Taquile Lago Titicaca
Isla Taquile Lago Titicaca Foto: @eliassimoes

Amantani Island: If you want to get one of the best experiences then you have to visit this island, and feel the same sensation of the ancestors.

Isla Amantani Puno
Isla Amantani Puno

On the Bolivarian side, you have to visit Copacabana because it is located on the shores of Titicaca, here you can visit the island of the Sun and the island of the Moon, the most visited attractions and you will also find a lot of ancient civilizations.

Isla del Sol: It is located within the main lake and has a large part of agricultural areas, also tells the legend that the creator Viracocha emerged from these waters, leaving remains of the pre-Inca architecture.

Island of the Moon: It is a short distance from the island of the Sun, according to history it is said that on the island was installed the Ajllahuasi (house of the chosen ones), or the palace of the Virgins, which is practically in decay.

Llegar al Lago Titicaca desde Puno, Perú

Once you arrive in Puno, you have to take a bus to the port of Titicaca or rely on a tour agency and leave for your trip. Generally, all visits are done through an agency that will take you to the port of Puno; the trip takes about an hour to the islands.

But, maybe you ask yourself, why hire a tourist agency? To navigate in the boats you need a permit and continue the visit to the other islands and you can even do a two-day tour and stay overnight on the floating island of the Uros.

Llegar al Lago Titicaca desde La Paz, Bolivia

Once you are in La Paz, you must go to Copacabana, from there you must take a bus or as the previous suggestion is to hire a tour with a tourist agency that is certified. Once there, the tour will take you to the pier and you will take a boat to the island of the Sun, this trip will take you about an hour and a half, then you will return to Copacabana.

You can enjoy various attractions of Copacabana, the Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana, the Cerro Calvario, Poncho Museum, etc.

Map of Lake Titicaca

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