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Scheduled trip to Lake Titicaca

Salida Fija A Costa Rica

Visiting Lake Titicaca in Puno has become one of the most visited destinations in Peru, an incredible place where you can connect with its culture, language, customs and learn more about its people. Titicaca hides many stories that are not yet revealed.

That is why many tourists visit it to know all that magic, to feel its energy, for its part the tourism agency Terandes (Tierra de los Andes) program is a 12 days tour, in which you will know Cusco and Puno. Within the latter you will have the joy of knowing the best islands of Lake Titicaca, archaeological sites, and you will take the best experiences of this mystical place of Titicaca.

Lago Titicaca Peru
Lake Titicaca-Peru

Why visit Lake Titicaca with Terandes ?

Tierra de los Andes is a tourism agency with the commitment to offer you the best personalized travel experiences, with professionals who will guide you throughout the course of your trip.

Also, if your destination is Lake Titicaca, they will take care of organizing your entire travel itinerary, so you won't have to worry about anything, you will only have to concentrate on getting to know the places, taking the best pictures, making friends and feeling at home.

Many of the travelers who hired the services of Terandes, were very satisfied, and if you want to do spiritual tours, community, trekking and more, we are able to organize the whole trip and it will only depend on your desire to start our trip.

Fixed departure date to Lake Titicaca

The departures to Lake Titicaca are made for at least 12 days of travel, the starting point is from the city of Lima, Cusco, and Puno; during these points you will get to visit the most visited tourist sites in each region.

During this adventure you will visit the tourist sites of Cusco (Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu and archaeological sites), Puno (Chucuito, Lake Titicaca, Amaru Muru, Cutimbo, Uros).

Each tour includes breakfast and lunch according to the program, you also have private transportation, bilingual guides; during this adventure you just have to have the desire to visit all the attractions and take the best memories of each tourist destination.

Salida Fija A Costa Rica
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