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Best time to visit Lake Titicaca

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I know we have asked ourselves this question before traveling, what is the best time to visit Lake Titicaca? In this guide we will explain which months you can travel to Titicaca and see all the wildlife and cultural events that take place during the year:

To visit Lake Titicaca you must travel between the months of April to October, this season is known as the dry season, which also applies to the Peruvian territory, so you can see blue skies and stars.

During these months you can have a prolonged visit to Lake Titicaca, see sunny days, but also cold nights because its high altitude means that you will have cold nights at any time of the year.

Climate of Lake Titicaca

The climate of Lake Titicaca varies according to the type of altitude it is located, since it has a clear difference between day and night, which can reach up to a maximum of 25 °C during the day and at night can take up to 0 °C.

In turn, during the year will present an average temperature of 13 °C and in the month of August the surface water of Titicaca will be 11 °C to 25 °C and in the month of March will be presented at a degree of between 14 °C and 35 °C.

It may seem strange to you, but during the day Lake Titicaca feels warm, this happens because the waters of Titicaca absorb solar energy during the day and at night they are not so cold.

Best months to visit Lake Titicaca

Titicaca Best Time to Visit
Titicaca Best Time to Visit

Lake Titicaca includes cold and rainy months, so traveling in the rainiest and coldest months at the same time would be very disadvantageous, so I recommend you to visit in the strategic months that I will detail below:

April to October: These are the best months to visit Lake Titicaca, also known as the driest season, allowing you to see clear blue skies, bright sunshine and very little chance of seeing any rain.

During this season, many national and foreign tourists visit the floating islands, touring archaeological sites without any weather interruption.

On the other hand, between the months of November to March, there are heavy rains and less chance of seeing the great magnitude of Lake Titicaca.

This month is ideal for you to schedule your visit, but always remember to wear warm clothes, as it has low temperatures. You can do some activities, such as touring totora reed boats, sport fishing, kayaking, diving in the waters of Lake Titicaca, cycling, or feel the adrenaline doing parascending.

July and August: Also these months have a large influx of visitors, however, between the months of May or September the recurrence of tourists is low, and you can visit the islands and archaeological sites normally.

The rainiest months in Lake Titicaca

The rainiest season of the Peruvian territory is between the months of:

November to March: These months are known as the rainiest and wettest months, so it is not so advisable to visit Lake Titicaca because you will have rainy mornings and sunny afternoons or in some cases with cloudy skies, the same happens for tourist attractions like Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

There are some difficulties to walk on the waters of Titicaca, also the visibility of the lake will not be as good as the dry season and the roads will be muddy, although if you want to economize your trip, this would be a great season to visit Lake Titicaca, because the tour packages are not as expensive as in high season.

Another advantage is that there are not many tourists, and you would have the archaeological sites all to yourself, and you could take some nice personalized pictures.

Colder months to visit Lake Titicaca

To visit Lake Titicaca you can do it at any time of the year, however, the coldest season is in the month of June and July until the first week of August. This happens because it reaches a minimum temperature of -4 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 14 degrees Celsius.

Now that you have all the information about the best months to visit Lake Titicaca, you need to decide which month you want to travel to this attraction and purchase your travel package with Tierra de los Andes Travel Agency, which is committed to providing you with the best travel experience.

Salida Fija A Costa Rica
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