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What is the climate like in the city of Cusco?

Home » Cusco » What is the climate like in the city of Cusco?
Home » Cusco » What is the climate like in the city of Cusco?

When visiting a city, such as the city of Cusco, one might wonder: what is the climate like? I can tell you that you will enjoy a dynamic and diverse climate; it is divided into two main seasons and the rainy season. There are months that stand out for their warmth and others for being the coldest of the year. Depending on the season, you will be able to carry out your activities normally. In this blog, I will answer some of the questions we ask ourselves before discovering a destination.

Warmest months in Cusco ?

The warmest months in Cusco are October and November, with daytime temperatures reaching up to 21°C. October is particularly pleasant, with clear skies and maximum temperatures reaching 20.3°C.

Coldest months in Cusco ?

The coldest months in Cusco are June and July. During these months, nighttime temperatures can drop to 0°C or even lower, while daytime temperatures typically reach highs of around 18°C.

Rainy Season in Cusco - Summary Table

MonthMaximum Temperature (°C)Minimum Temperature (°C)Precipitation (mm)

Dry Season in Cusco - Summary Table

MonthMaximum Temperature (°C)Minimum Temperature (°C)Precipitation (mm)

Why is the climate in Cusco so varied?

Why is the climate in Cusco so varied?

The highly varied climate of Cusco is due to its altitude and geographical location in the Andes. The city is situated at approximately 3,330 meters (10,926 feet) above sea level, which causes drastic temperature changes between day and night. Additionally, Cusco is close to the Amazon rainforest, which influences its climate, especially during the rainy season.

Clima En Cusco

Planning to travel to Cusco? Here are the best dates for your trip

The best time to visit Cusco varies depending on the season. Here are the optimal dates for your travel:

  • May to October: This is the dry season, ideal for outdoor exploration and enjoying sunny days and cool nights.
  • Only May: The beginning of the dry season, with pleasant weather and fewer tourist crowds.
  • June and July: Colder but dry months, featuring festivals such as Inti Raymi, Corpus Christi, and the jubilee month of Cusco with parades by public and private institutions, the reconstruction of the Q´eswachaka bridge, and the pilgrimage of Sr. de Qoyllor Rity.
  • August and September: Continuation of the dry season with warm daytime temperatures. It is no longer as cold, and you can better enjoy archaeological sites with fewer tourists.
  • Only October: A warm and pleasant month, perfect for visiting attractions before the rains start. From November to March, the rains are heavier, making tourism sometimes challenging due to the varying daily weather.

Now that you know the best climate for visiting Cusco, get ready and set a date to travel and discover the best attractions that Cusco has to offer.

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