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Lima Vacation Tour - Peru

Join us to discover the great city of Lima, colonial and modern. Visit the oldest tourist centers, its valleys, pre-Hispanic temples and its great main square. See the colonial architecture and gardens, learn more about its religious beliefs and unique street names.


  • Shared vehicle for the visit
  • All income from the places to be visited according to the program.
  • Spanish-speaking guide for all tours
  • Shared excursions according to the program
  • All activities mentioned in the program

Does not include:

  • First breakfast and last dinner
  • Beverages
  • Lodging
  • Feeding
  • Insurance
  • Domestic flights
  • Gratitues

This day around 08:45 am, Join us on a journey through time through the history of Lima, pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern. We start with a stop at the Intihuatana Park, located on the Malecon of Miraflores, from where we will observe the Pacific Ocean. We will start our tour through the modern residential districts of Miraflores and San Isidro. We will observe from the outside the Huaca Pucllana, a pre-Inca ceremonial temple in the form of a pyramid that has survived the urban expansion of Lima.

Then to the Historic Center of Lima, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991, where the center of the Spanish colony was established in the sixteenth century and the first buildings were erected. Santo Domingo Convent; one of the most important convents of the seventeenth century, where the relics of the three Peruvian saints, Santa Rosa de Lima, San Martin de Porras and San Juan Macias are preserved. Finally the Larco museum, considered one of the best museums in Latin America, its rooms exhibit the best and most complete collection of gold and silver of pre-Hispanic Peru in the world, as well as it is also known for its large warehouses and exhibition halls of erotic ceramics. Return to the hotel.

  •  Shared vehicle for the group
  •  Shared Spanish-speaking guide
  •  Entrance to the places to visit

We start our tour in the traditional district of Barranco. In our tour we will appreciate the Central Park, the Bajada de los Baños, the Old Library, the "ranchos" or colonial mansions, the traditional Bridge of Sighs and its famous Boulevard which is the most bohemian expression of nightlife in Lima. Continuing with our tour, we will visit the district of Chorrillos, once the most famous seaside resort of Lima, which today houses the only natural reserve area of the city, the Pantanos de Villa, which we will have the opportunity to observe. Then we head to Pachacamac, the most important ceremonial center of the Peruvian coast. Here we will be able to appreciate its diverse constructions made of mud that date from different centuries. Throughout time, Pachacamac was occupied by different cultures such as the Lima Culture, the Wari Culture, the Ichma Culture, until the Inca Empire (15th century). Among the constructions that we will visit are: the Temple of Adobitos, the Old Temple of Pachacamac, the New or Painted Temple, the Pyramids, the Temple of the Sun; also with a site museum where the ceramics and textiles found are exhibited; as well as the image of the idol of Pachacamac made of wood that was found during the excavation work in 1938.

  •  Shared vehicle for the group
  •  Shared Spanish-speaking guide
  •  Entrance to the places to visit

This day in the morning we get ready to leave to the archaeological site of Caral and Paramonga. Arrival to the Paramonga Fortress; this place functioned as a religious and astronomical center applied to agricultural purposes. The mud citadel, as it is known, belonged to the Chimu culture. Throughout our visit we will walk through passages and ramps to learn more about its history and observe a panoramic view of the Valley of the Fortress. Then we go to the citadel of Caral, which is located on the left bank of the Supe valley and 350 meters above sea level; it occupies 66 hectares. It comprises a nuclear area with 32 public structures and several residential complexes, and an area on the periphery, bordering the valley where several housing complexes were built. In the nuclear space of the Sacred City of Caral are the public and domestic buildings of higher status, distributed in two large halves: Caral Alto, on the north side and Caral Bajo, on the south. In the city of Caral several religious festivities were celebrated, in which architectural remodeling, fairs and ritual ceremonies took place. Then return to your hotel in Lima.

  •  Shared vehicle for the group
  •  Shared Spanish-speaking guide
  •  Entrance to the places to visit

You will discover the beautiful neighborhood of Barranco during this 4-hour Gastronomic tour with your guide. You will visit a variety of restaurants and small businesses, where you will taste the most traditional local specialties. In the course of the tour, you will make 8 stops, which have been carefully selected. You will taste 15 flavors of Peruvian fruits, drinks and dishes. In addition, you will learn how to prepare ceviche, lomo saltado and pisco sour. Immerse yourself with your guide in Peruvian history and culture, and as you will see, every bite has a story to tell! Peruvian coffee: Peruvian coffee from the region of Jaen made with French press Variety of fruits: Depending on the season, you will taste chirimoya, granadilla, aguaymanto and more Peruvian Chocolate: Premium organic, small batch chocolate, causa limeña: Pressed potato, seasoned with lemon and aji, and stuffed with tuna and avocado, ceviche: Peru's most famous dish. Fresh raw fish cured in lime and spiced with aji Chicha morada: Sweet drink made with purple corn, cinnamon and cloves, lomo saltado: Beef tenderloin stir-fry, a dish with Cantonese influences, served with rice and french fries and pisco sour: Peru's most famous cocktail, made of Pisco, lime, egg white and syrup.

  •  Shared vehicle for the group
  •  Shared Spanish-speaking guide
  •  Entrance to the places to visit

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Preguntas sobre el Tour Luna de Miel en Perú

¿ Cuanto cuesta el tour luna de miel en Perú ?

El Tour Luna de Miel en Perú tiene un costo de $ 2585 USD, y conta de 13 increíbles días y 12 noches, visitará con su pareja los más hermosos lugares que puede visitar en pareja como Cusco, Lima, Arequipa, Puno ...

Paquetes luna de miel todo incluido

Nuestro Paquete turístico incluye alojamiento en hoteles de Categoría Superior, Transporte, Alimentación mencionada en los días del Tour, vuelos internos (Lima - Cusco, Cusco - Lima), Guía profesional.

Mejor época para viajar a Perú en pareja

La mejor época para viajar a Perú son entre los meses de Junio a Agosto esto por que se realizan fiestas en las ciudades más importantes del Perú, además podrás visualizar fiestas como el Inti Raymi (Fiesta del Sol), son los meses con más afluencia turística, por otro lado Tienes que reservar antes para evitar contratiempos. Así mismo tenemos los meses desde Septiembre a Mayo que son meses que dan inicio a la Primavera, estas fechas son más calmadas para visitar Perú en Pareja dado que la afluencia turística es concurrente pero no saturada.

Tour luna de miel en Perú Cusco

Cusco es la capital histórica y turística de Sudamérica, la capital de los Incas, el ombligo del mundo. Esta ciudad con cientos de años de historia es una mezcla de dos de las civilizaciones más poderosas que han existido: el Imperio Inca y el Imperio Español Para leer más tenemos un Artículo completo que habla sobre este tema, dale clic en: Luna de miel en Cusco

¿ Por qué viajar de novios a Perú ?

Por que Perú es un País mágico con hermosos paisajes, con una cultura única en el Mundo. Viajar a Perú es una experiencia única, sobre todo si viajas con tu pareja. Perú es un lugar para ver y ser visto, no sólo porque tiene las ciudades y lugares turísticos más importantes del mundo, sino porque cada sitio que usted visite en Perú tiene algo único que nadie superará. Este país tiene la mejor Cultura y Folclore del Mundo, paisajes de ensueño, Muchos micro climas por ende Playas hermosas e imponentes Nevados. Tenemos Lugares ancestrales llenos de enigmas, misterios y costumbres Incas y claro por supuesto Machu Picchu que de costumbre es un lugar recomendable para pedir la mano a su pareja

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