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Museums in Arequipa, the 10 best museums in Arequipa

Home » Arequipa » Museums in Arequipa, the 10 best museums in Arequipa
Home » Arequipa » Museums in Arequipa, the 10 best museums in Arequipa

Arequipa has many places that preserve true vestiges of Peruvian culture, among them are the museums, however; many do not visit it including its own inhabitants. That is why in this article we will talk about the top 10 most visited museums that will surprise you from start to finish.

Why visit museums in Arequipa?

To know our culture is to connect us once again with our roots, to know more about them, but how we achieve this is simple, we must visit the museums and admire the huge collections of religious and cultural art, walk through the corners of each room, courtyard and more.

Among them you will find some that are not famous or well known, but they are worth visiting because they show us all that journey of Peruvian culture, sure that during the visit to these sites you will have a favorite, if you are reading this pay attention to learn more about the attractions of Arequipa.

This list of the 10 best museums visited in Arequipa, as listed by Tripadvisor in its ranking of museums:

  • Monastery of Santa Catalina
Monasterio Santa Catalina, Arequipa
Santa Catalina Museum, Arequipa

The Monastery of Santa Catalina, Arequipa has an extension of more than 20,000 square meters considered as a citadel. Its construction began in 1579 and it was founded on September 10th.

In the beginning this place was occupied by women, later it became a museum, tourist site among them we find several attractions, for example you can visit several spaces such as:

-The patio del Silencio, Claustro Mayor, el Silencio, among other rooms that teach a lot, since each of the corners of this monastery keeps many secrets, its walls, bright colors on the walls, arches, vaults … all around will make you want to stay many hours.

  • Arequipa Cathedral Museum
Catedral Basílica De Arequipa
Catedral Basílica De Arequipa

The Museum of Arequipa Cathedral, a World Heritage Site, is also one of the first buildings built by the Spanish conquistadors. The cathedral also has its museum, where there are four rooms to visit, among them we can appreciate the treasures of the cathedral among crowns, religious pieces, ornaments, religious cloths and paintings and more.

One of the best places to learn more about the course of the Catholic faith.

  • Andean Shrines Museum
Museo Santuarios Andinos
Andean Shrines Museum

The Andean Sanctuaries Museum is one of the most important sites in the White City, since it exhibits several Inca pieces that were discovered in the snowy mountains of the region. One of the most relevant exhibits is the "Juanita mummy" Inca girl who was given as an offering to the gods of the fifteenth century, discovered in 1995.

That's not all, it is also exposed among utensils, textiles, silver sculptures, gold, ceramics and others. Ideal to learn more about the Inca culture.

  • La Recoleta Museum
Monasterio De La Recoleta Pileta De Entrada
La Recoleta, Entry Pool

The Recoleta Museum is a simple architectural style, a simple convent that goes from the romantic to the neo-Gothic, inside you can visit its four rooms such as the Archaeological and Anthropological Museum of natural history, religious art and also find paintings on canvas belonging to the Cusco school.

But its main attraction is its library, which holds more than 20,000 books from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. It is a historical relic.

  • Museum of Viceroyal Art
Museo De Arte Virreinal De Santa Teresa Arequipa
Santa Teresa Museum of Viceroyalty Art Arequipa

This museum is one of the famous museums of Arequipa, it is also known as the Monastery of Santa Teresa, since over the years this kept several colonial objects and eventually formed a museum to expose it.

Inside the museum you will find several things of value such as sculptures, furniture, canvases, gold and silver jewelry, liturgical objects and more. But that's not all, you will find paintings, sculptures, furniture, jewelry, decorative arts among others that are really worth a visit.

  • San Francisco de Asís Convent Arequipa
Iglesia San Francisco De Arequipa
San Francisco De Arequipa Convent

The monastery of San Francisco de Asis dates back to the 16th century and is characterized by an impressive art gallery and a library with more than 20,000 books. The buildings are made of ashlars and bricks, with three images in the towers: the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Dominic of Guzman.

In short, they have many things to show about the Catholic faith, here is the Museum of Sacred Art in which several vestiges are exposed as a collection of canvases, ornaments and religious sculptures.

  • Mario Vargas Llosa House Museum
Casa Museo Mario Vargas Llosa
Mario Vargas Llosa House Museum

Mario Vargas Llosa is one of the most important personalities of Arequipa, which is why the city government has renovated his birthplace and opened it as a museum with objects from his public and private life.

Here you can see the whole process of his literary formation until his incursion into Peruvian politics and the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  • Villalobos House Museum

In the beginning this house belonged to Don José Villalobos Ampuero, a very beloved character in Arequipa and known as the doctor of the poor due to his selfless dedication to the poor.

He accumulated several relics from different continents especially from Asia and Europe, eventually decided to expose to society all the objects collected and this was maintained for three generations and today is considered a National Monument of the Peruvian State.

  • Tristán del Pozo House
C. Tristan De Pozo
C. Tristán Del Pozo

A few steps from the Plaza de Armas, is the Casa Tristán del Pozo and belonged to Domingo Carlos Tristán del Pozo, over time this place still retains valuable objects emblematic of Arequipa artists.

Now they belong to the collection of the BBVA Peru bank, inside it has 3 rooms of art exhibition, great to embellish us with all that art.

  • Arequipa Museum of Contemporary Art
Museo De Arte Contemporaneo Arequipa
Museum of Contemporary Art in Arequipa

The Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits the most significant works of local and national artists. For more than 15 years it has preserved local, national and international contemporary art.

To all its visitors it gives one of the best experiences which is to know more about watercolor art and the other dedicated to photography based on the Vargas brothers. All this shows us our past and the perspective of our future in art.

This is one of the best museums that you must visit in Arequipa, Terandes agency will help you to have one of the best experiences with our expert guides and specialized people.

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