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Place of Peruvian gastronomy in the world

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Home » Gastronomía Peruana » Place of Peruvian gastronomy in the world

Peru is the best culinary destination in the world

The Peruvian country has a wide variety of geographical areas, which leads to a great development of agriculture that results in a long list of inputs that can be used in the kitchen, but the wonders of Peru do not end there because having a wide access to the Pacific Ocean we can also navigate the gastronomic branches with seafood.

Peruvian dishes have delighted more than one, conquering the most demanding palate of the judges who, surrendered to the Peruvian seasoning, have awarded prizes, awards and recognitions to Peruvian gastronomy.

WTA South America Peru 2022

The World Travel Awards "WTA" is a ceremony held annually to recognize all those sectors that contribute to the development of tourism, such as natural and archaeological attractions, gastronomy, hotels, among others. Peru has participated in this ceremony for many years, winning different awards in different categories.

Best Culinary Destination in South America

Peru has been praised for its delicious traditional dishes for many years.

Peruvian cuisine has gradually made its way in the competitive gastronomic world, even being compared to Indian and Chinese gastronomy. Thus, during the celebration of WTA South America, Peru received the award "South America's Leading Culinary Destination 2022" for the second consecutive year, competing with countries such as Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay. However, the title of best culinary destination was awarded 9 times, demonstrating that Peru is the leading gastronomic destination in South America.

Peruvian food stands out not only for its great taste and flavor, but also for the great nutritional value it provides. Ancestral ingredients such as quinoa, potatoes, corn, trout, Amazonian fruits and marine products make each dish a great source of vitamins and proteins.

Dare to try the culinary wonders that Peru has to offer.

Best Cultural Destination in South America

For the 5th consecutive year, Peru wins the award for Best Cultural Destination.

It is no secret that Peru's cultural richness is very great and has been widely influenced throughout history by the multiple immigrations of European, African and Asian cultures.

This process has given rise to a long list of customs and cultural manifestations that can still be seen today in every person in every region of the country.

Thus, the Peruvian country has been chosen as "South America's Leading Cultural Destination", being this award a commitment for Peruvians to continue maintaining the competitive level in terms of service provided to foreign visitors, being also the tourism sector one of the most important in Peru.

Best Tourist Attraction in South America

Since 2018 Machu Picchu has been recognized as the best tourist attraction in South America.

The great archaeological complex of Machu Picchu declared Wonder of the World in 2007, is undoubtedly a great work of Inca architecture, which has maintained its essence and beauty over time.

It is the point of greatest tourist affluence in Peru, receiving thousands of visitors daily, both domestic and foreign, which is why it is recommended to book entrance tickets in advance.

3 Peruvian restaurants among the 50 best in the world

As the national gastronomy is wide and varied, there are naturally large chains of restaurants specialized in different representative dishes of Peruvian gastronomy.

Thus, some of the Peruvian restaurants have made it to the lists of the best restaurants, and here are some of them.


Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez's Central Restaurant has been awarded 5 times as the best restaurant in Latin America, and in 2022 was ranked 2nd in "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" list.

Central is known as a restaurant that gives a much more modern interpretation of Peruvian cuisine, and has additionally implemented a research laboratory for Andean inputs, located very close to the Moray Inca agricultural research center.


The restaurant "Maido", name that translated from Japanese means "Welcome" is directed by the Peruvian chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, who presents dishes of Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food.

It was recognized with the first place in "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" the year 2017 and 2018, also in the words of the owner himself the main mission of Maido is to treat diners as if they were in their own home.

Astrid & Gaston

The restaurant was founded by the renowned Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio and his wife Astrid Gutsche. It is currently one of the best known references in terms of Peruvian cuisine, because Gaston's mission and vision is to revalue the typical dishes in the most faithful way to the original as possible.

As well as his wife Astrid, he makes a special effort to support local agricultural producers, using their products and making sure that they are always A&G's main distributors.

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