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Churches and temples in Puno

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Home » Puno » Churches and temples in Puno

To understand the presence of churches and temples in Puno, it is necessary to talk about the colonial period, when the Spaniards needed to have religious spaces in each region of Peru to train the Catholic faithful.

That is why the importance of building most of these in the majority of Puno villages, leaving the important sense of Christian belonging combined with the customs of Peruvian culture.

Style of the Temples in Puno

You will be aware of the styles in architecture of the Puno temples, many of these were made with different styles and the most predominant are the following:

Mestizo Baroque style, has been developed in the time of viceroyalty of Peru and in the region of Puno its temples stand out in this trend in the facades and towers.

Renaissance style, originating in Italy, tends to have perfectionist constructions with symmetrical facades, take structural elements, with columns and arches at the entrance.

Romanesque style, beginning in the Middle Ages during the Christian era in Europe, in Puno its covers, towers and stone walls with other elements that make them resistant.

Mannerism style used in Italian in the XVI century, in the temples of Puno this tendency can be observed in its polished and refined works.

Churches and temples in Puno
Iglesia Ayaviri

Why visit Churches and Temples in Puno?

Each temple of Puno has particular characteristics that make your visit special, added to the traditional ceremonies, customs, gastronomy and festivities that accompany each of these religious buildings in certain historical moments of Peru.

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