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Museo De Los Santuarios Andinos En Arequipa

Museum of Andean Sanctuaries, Arequipa

July 19, 2023
The Museum of the Andean Sanctuaries is one of the most important in the city of Arequipa, for the cultural value that houses, since in…
Iglesia Y Convento De Santo Domingo De Arequipa

Church and Convent of Santo Domingo of Arequipa

July 19, 2023
The Church and Convent of Santo Domingo of Arequipa, is a building belonging to the colonial era of Peru that was declared a National Heritage…
Iglesia y Claustro de la Compañía de Jesús

Church and Cloister of the Society of Jesus

July 19, 2023
The Church and Cloister of the Society of Jesus, recognized as a Historic Monument by UNESCO, is one of the most important monuments in Arequipa…
Catarata De Sipia A 3

Sipia Waterfall Tourism

July 18, 2023
The tourist destination of the Catarata de Sipia is of astonishment and charm for visitors who decide to spend a pleasant moment in a personal…
Museo De Arte Virreinal De Santa Teresa Arequipa

Museum of Viceroyal art of Santa Teresa, Arequipa

March 13, 2023
The Museo de Arte Virreinal de Santa Teresa de Arequipa, opened to the public on June 16, 2005, with the objective of generating income for…
Uyo Uyo

Uyo Uyo Archaeological Complex

February 17, 2023
Uyo Uyo Archaeological Complex is located at 3,570 meters above sea level, where the Inca influence is present and that is why the polished stones…
Mirador De Tapay

Tapay Viewpoint - Cabanaconde

February 11, 2023
Do you want to appreciate the flight of the condor and the view of the Colca Canyon? Then, you can't miss the opportunity to visit…
Fortaleza Chimpa

Chimpa Fortress, Colca - Arequipa

February 11, 2023
Among the tourist wonders that the mountains of Peru give us, the Chimpa Fortress is one of the destinations you should visit, because it is…
Abra De Patapampa Chivay

Patapampa Pass - Chivay

February 7, 2023
Every adventurous traveler is fascinated by walking through desolate landscapes, to hear everything you want to tell him throughout the hike, these moments are incredibly…
Oasis Sangalle Colca

Sangalle Oasis, an oasis in the Colca River

February 7, 2023
Sangalle Oasis is one of the other attractions that you definitely have to visit, it is located in the heart of the canyon and next…
Complejo Turistico De BaÑos Termales La Calera.

Thermal Baths in Chivay (La calera)

February 7, 2023
Once again Arequipa surprises us with its attractions, now we make a stop at the thermal baths of La Calera, located 3 km from the…
Mirador De La Cruz Del Cóndor

Viewpoint of the Cross of the Condor, Arequipa

January 31, 2023
The viewpoint Cross of the Condor is one of the most incredible views that the city of Arequipa has to offer, because from here you…

What to do in Coporaque?

January 23, 2023
Coporaque is a district in the province of Caylloma in the Arequipa region, which is about 3,570 meters above sea level, which has a name…
Chivay Arequipa

Chivay, Colca Canyon

January 23, 2023
The White City is a clear example that it is not necessary to travel very far to learn about our history; only 4 hours from…
Bosque De Piedras Huito Arequipa

Huito stone forest, Pampamarca Arequipa

January 17, 2023
Are you planning to travel this weekend? But, you do not know what place to visit in Arequipa, I have the alternative to visit one…
Yura Un Paraiso En Arequipa 1 1

Yura, a paradise in Arequipa

January 17, 2023
"Yura, a paradise in Arequipa" is one of the most exciting destinations that the visitor can experience in this town, from its agricultural terraces of…
Valle De Majes Arequipa 1

Majes Valley, Arequipa

January 16, 2023
The White City offers us a variety of attractions that we can visit, in this case we go to the Majes Valley in Arequipa, one…
Canon De Cotahuasi Arequipa

Cotahuasi Canyon, Arequipa

January 16, 2023
The Cotahuasi canyon is the fourth deepest canyon in the world, however, it is not as visited as the Colca canyon. The Cotahuasi has beautiful…
Palacio Goyeneche Arequipa 1

Goyeneche Palace, Arequipa

January 13, 2023
Do you want to find another amazing destination in Arequipa? Undoubtedly, one of them is the Goyeneche Palace because it has an important collection of…
Museo Historico Municipal Arequipa

Arequipa Municipal Historical Museum

January 13, 2023
The Municipal Historical Museum of Arequipa shows us in its rooms a variety of objects that belong to the May 2nd and the revolution of…
Museo Arequipa

Santa Maria Catholic University Museum, Arequipa, Peru

January 13, 2023
Our Peruvian history is full of samples, works, ceramics among other vestiges that make us remember all that history of where we come from, and…
Museos De Arequipa

Museums in Arequipa, the 10 best museums in Arequipa

January 12, 2023
Arequipa has many places that preserve true vestiges of Peruvian culture, among them are the museums, however; many do not visit it including its own…
Monasterio De La Recoleta

Monastery and museum of La recoleta, Arequipa

January 10, 2023
This time we go to another beautiful place that tells us more of Arequipa's history; in this case we will talk about the Monastery of…
Monasterio De Santa Teresa Arequipa 2

Monastery of Santa Teresa, Arequipa

January 10, 2023
With more than 300 years of antiquity, the Monastery of Santa Teresa of Arequipa, receives every visitor to show its valuable religious treasures captured in…
Mansion Del Fundador De Arequipa 1

Arequipa Founder's Mansion

January 9, 2023
The Arequipa Founder's Mansion, built in Sillar (volcanic stone) characteristic of the place, has a colonial historical value that you can visit and add in…
Molino De Sabandía, Arequipa

Sabandía Mill, Arequipa

January 9, 2023
Once again Arequipa never ceases to amaze us, the Sabandia Mill is one of the best architectural presentations of the region, being all a natural…
Mirador De Sachaca, Arequipa Foto: Milton Rodriguez

Viewpoint of Sachaca, Arequipa

January 9, 2023
Arequipa, has the best viewpoints that allow you to see from old and modern houses, in this case we will talk about the Viewpoint of…
Iglesia San Francisco De Arequipa

San francisco Church of Arequipa

January 7, 2023
When you are in the city of Arequipa, you definitely have to visit all those places that teach you more about this beautiful city, for…
Iglesia San Miguel Arcangel De Cayma

San Miguel Arcángel de Cayma Church

January 7, 2023
One of the historical points in Arequipa, that the visitor cannot miss, is the San Miguel Arcángel de Cayma Church, which was built entirely of…
Iglesia De San Juan Bautista De Yanahuara Arequipa 1

Church of San Juan Bautista of Yanahuara, Arequipa

January 6, 2023
The Church of San Juan Bautista of Yanahuara, is very particular because its construction is made of Sillar in its entirety, this is a characteristic…
Iglesias De Arequipa

Arequipa churches, temples and chapels

January 6, 2023
When you are in Arequipa, if or if you must visit all the churches, temples and chapels that this beautiful city has, because each infrastructure…
Iglesia San Agustin Arequipa

Church of San Agustín, Arequipa

January 5, 2023
When you are in Arequipa, do not forget to visit the Church of San Agustin de Arequipa, this monument will remind you of the baroque…
Iglesia de la Merced

Church of La Merced, Arequipa, Peru

January 3, 2023
The Church of La Merced is another of the constructions that were made of the particular stone that characterizes the city of Arequipa, the sillar,…
Fundo El Fierro Foto@valdivia_clau

Handicrafts Center, Fundo El Fierro, Arequipa

January 3, 2023
Maybe you wondered what else I can know about this beautiful city of Arequipa! Let me tell you that the White City has many places…
Casona Museo Villalobos, Arequipa

Villalobos House Museum

January 3, 2023
This time we went to the Villalobos House Museum built in the early twentieth century, it is said that this was owned by Don Jose…
Mac 4

Colonial mansion “Moral House”, Arequipa

January 2, 2023
In Arequipa we appreciate many colonial mansions that function as museums, on that occasion we tell you about the Casa del Moral, which was built…
Casona Colonial Tristán De Pozo

Colonial mansion Tristán del Pozo, Arequipa

January 2, 2023
This time we visit the colonial Casona Tristán del Pozo in Arequipa, one of the beautiful buildings of this city that was built in 1738…

Casona de la Moneda, Arequipa

January 2, 2023
The Casona de la Moneda is a monument declared as National Heritage in 1956, belonging to one of the oldest houses in the city of…
Casona Irriberry O Arrospide

Irriberry House

January 2, 2023
The Irriberry House or known as Arrospide is another site in Arequipa that is worth a visit, also some Arequipa locals call it the talking…
Sillar Web 1

Sillar of Arequipa

December 12, 2022
The Sillar of Arequipa is the most important element used in the main constructions of the region named as the White City, for having the…
Cuevas De Mollepunko Foto:@setphyre

Mollepunku Caves

December 12, 2022
Although Peru is undoubtedly full of wonders and beautiful natural destinations, which are worth visiting, we cannot forget that in these same lands thousands of…
Complejo Arqueológico De Churajón Foto: @esmirnaperu

Churajón Archaeological Complex

December 12, 2022
Arequipa hides great archaeological wonders, although undoubtedly the Colca Canyon is its main tourist attraction, you can also find multiple archaeological and historical wonders, such…
Mercado De San Camilo

San Camilo Market, Arequipa

December 10, 2022
The San Camilo Market, Arequipa has an antiquity of more than 140 years, is the largest and most famous market being visited by all tourists…
Mirador Yanahuara Arequipa

Viewpoint of Yanahuara

December 7, 2022
The viewpoint of Yanahuara is one of the most visited tourist sites in the white city, it is a set of arches built of ashlar…
Mundo Alpaca

Mundo Alpaca Arequipa

December 7, 2022
Visiting Mundo Alpaca, Arequipa takes you to know the finest wool that can have Peru and the world, in this craft center are exposed woven…
Monasterio Santa Catalina, Arequipa

Monastery of Santa Catalina, Arequipa

December 6, 2022
The Monastery of Santa Catalina is one of the most visited religious centers by tourists and representative of the city of Arequipa, this site has…
Volcan Misti Arequipa

Misti Volcano

December 1, 2022
The white city has one of the best attractions, the Misti Volcano is no exception, at an altitude of 5 825 meters above sea level…
Catedral Basílica De Arequipa

Cathedral of Arequipa

November 30, 2022
The Cathedral of Arequipa or also Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa is considered one of the first religious buildings made in the seventeenth century, for this…
Plaza De Armas, Arequipa

Plaza de Armas of Arequipa

November 29, 2022
The Plaza de Armas of Arequipa has unique and beautiful spots, here you can see several buildings such as the Cathedral of Arequipa, the Portales…
Laguna De Salinas Arequipa Foto: @lenin_toro_v

Salinas Lagoon, salt flats in Arequipa

November 28, 2022
The magnificent Laguna de Salinas Arequipa has an extension of 6 182 hectares with an altitude of 4 300 meters above sea level and is…
CaÑon Del Colca, PerÚ

What to do in the Colca Canyon, Peru

November 25, 2022
The Colca Canyon has a depth of 4 160 meters, occupying the fourth place among the deepest canyons on the planet. It originates from the…
Valle Del Colca, Arequipa

Colca Valley, Arequipa, Peru

November 24, 2022
The Colca Valley is one of the deepest canyons in the world and the second most visited attraction after Machu Picchu. If you are in…
Arte Rupestre en las Cuevas de Sumbay

Rock Art in the Sumbay Caves

November 16, 2022
Man often resorts to art in order to express thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences. This is how nowadays we can have an idea of how…
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