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Casona de la Moneda, Arequipa

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Home » Arequipa » Casona de la Moneda, Arequipa

The Casona de la Moneda is a monument declared as National Heritage in 1956, belonging to one of the oldest houses in the city of Arequipa. It has important artistic works that in spite of the time are kept for the sight and delight of us, the visitors.

It is a building with several rooms, in the part of the facade shows very well worked relief designs, in the interior we find two patios, pictures of classic paintings in each space of the house, the figure of the Virgin Mary, there are sculptures, a small sample of coins and among more outstanding works that were made during the colonial era.

Casona de la moneda, Arequipa
The Virgin Mary in the Casa de la Moneda, Arequipa.

History of the Casona de la moneda de Arequipa (Arequipa's Coin House)

It is a building whose initial construction dates back to 1550, but then it was remodeled in 1794 in the eighteenth century, during the colonial era of Peru, where the Marquis Don Blas de Quiróz resided, who carved the motto known as "After God, Quiróz".

During 1836 to 1841 it was used as the Mint, that's why it bears the name as that main task it had for only 6 years, but time did not prevent the settlers to continue calling the colonial site with the same name, becoming a custom.

After the earthquake of June 23, 2001, it was restored and the work was completed in 2006. This historic monument over the years has passed through different owners, but in 2007 the Frenchman Perry Pillon became its owner and later became part of the hotel chain Casa Andina, who are currently in charge of safeguarding this traditional mansion.

Where is the Mint located?

The Mint is located on the corner of Calle Ugarte and Calle Villalba, in Arequipa.

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