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Church of La Merced, Arequipa, Peru

Home » Arequipa » Church of La Merced, Arequipa, Peru
Home » Arequipa » Church of La Merced, Arequipa, Peru

The Church of La Merced is another of the constructions that were made of the particular stone that characterizes the city of Arequipa, the sillar, being part of the colonial era of Peru in the sixteenth century.

History of the Church of La Merced of Arequipa, Peru

The beginning of the construction of this monument was in 1551, from that date the conclusion was expected until 1607. Within the record of studies, we have the information that the earthquake of 1687 affected in great part its structure, to then go through remodeling during the course of the years and where there were also other telluric movements such as 1950 and 1860.

This church is accompanied by the convent of the same name, a space that also underwent the same repairs. At present this one is in religious functions so that you can visit it when you require it, taking into account the available schedules and the convent is not to the access of all because it requires a permission of the people in charge.

Iglesia de la Merced, Arequipa
Church of La Merced of Arequipa

Where is it located?

The Church of La Merced is located a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas of the city of Arequipa, on the street of La Merced.

What to see and do in the Church of La Merced?

The Church of La Merced offers a beautiful architectural art of baroque style, it is possible to visualize this tendency in the facade, point in which there is an image sculpted in stone of the Virgin of Mercy and this one is with sphinxes of two men who were part of the order of the Mercenaries. In the case of the interior of the church, you can appreciate the following works:

  • Three lateral naves divided by a set of arches.
  • A very attractive Chapter House in Gothic style
  • It exhibits an altarpiece with gold leaf applications on the main altar.
  • In the sacristy there are canvases of the Virgen de las Mercedes.
  • Pictures of religious paintings.
  • The representation of the "Apparition of the Virgin to St. Peter" belonging to the Cuzco School.
  • A colonial-era library with antique books.

Entry Hours

Visitors can enter the Church of La Merced from Monday to Sunday in two schedules, from 09:00 to 12:00 hours and from 16:00 to 18:00 hours.

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