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What to do in the Colca Canyon, Peru

Home » Arequipa » What to do in the Colca Canyon, Peru
Home » Arequipa » What to do in the Colca Canyon, Peru

The Colca Canyon has a depth of 4 160 meters, occupying the fourth place among the deepest canyons on the planet. It originates from the erosion of volcanic rock produced by the Colca River along its terrestrial crust.

On the other hand, it is included in the list of the 100 sustainable destinations in the world, this recognition was awarded by the institution Global Destination that valued the green destinations and tourism that takes place in the area.

Landscapes of the Colca Canyon

Touring the Canyon is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations you have to visit in Peru, where you will discover the beautiful landscapes of the Colca Canyon, see the majestic flight of the Andean condor, bathe in the hot springs, among others.

Paisaje Del Colca
Paisaje Del Colca Foto: @marigg86

Experiential tourism: There are several small towns to do experiential tourism such as Pinchollo, Maca, Achoma, Cabanaconde, Yanque and other towns where you will learn about their customs, lifestyle, traditions, language, etc.

You can go horseback riding, trekking in the surroundings, cycling, adventure sports and fall in love with all its scenic beauty.

Viewpoint of the Condor: Perfect place to see the representative bird of the biodiversity of the country, the Andean condor; from this place you can see the flight of the condors and marvel at its great size and the imposing landscape.

Thermal baths of Chacapi: You can find it in the Yanque district, where you can rest and relax in its waters that reach up to 50 degrees Celsius and are curative for those who suffer from muscular pains and rheumatism.

Trekking in the Colca Valley: If you are a nature lover, then walking through the villages is the best way to get to know the different towns. An experience that you should not miss on your trip.

Laguna de Mucurca: To reach the site we must go by car, this site offers an admirable panorama between the volcanoes Hualca-Hualca, Sabancaya and Ampato, here you can see different birds among red flamingos.

The ruins of Kallimarca: Pre-Inca religious archaeological site where we must go to see the trapezoidal square that has two buildings on opposite sides, a large "Kallanca" or building to drink chicha.

And the other one an "Usno" is a ceremonial pyramid with a central staircase that leads to the square. It is said that the Inca or his representative used to sit there.

The ruins of Uyo-Uyo: The abandoned village dominates the valley of the capital of the Colca, therefore, the village of Uyo-Uyo was the capital of the Colca, within it there is presence of the Collagua and Inca cultures.

Depth of the Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon is considered one of the deepest canyons in the world, with a depth of 4,160 meters.

Colca Canyon Rock Formations

The eroded rock formations that it presents were given for a long time, these were formed by the action of the wind and the rain adopting diverse figures between human and animals that today they are known as the petrified forest.

How much does the ticket cost?

The tourist ticket of the tourist circuit Colca Canyon, Salinas, Aguada Blanca and Valley of the Volcanoes will vary, as it will depend on the age and nationality of the visitor.

  • National tourist

Adult s/ 20

Child (6 to 15 years old) s/ 5

Student (undergraduate) s/ 5

Senior Citizen (60 years old and over) s/ 5

  • Latin American Tourist

Adult s/ 40

Child (6 to 15 years old) s/ 20

  • Foreign tourist

Adult s/70

Child (6 to 15 years old) s/ 20

Where is the Colca Canyon located?

It is located at the northeastern end of Arequipa, in the province of Caylloma, 165 km from Arequipa and 40 km from the town of Chivay as the main town.

How to get there from Arequipa?

To get to this paradisiacal place, you must leave from the Arequipa bus terminal; from their buses depart to the town of Chivay. The trip takes about three hours on average.

Once in Chivay you must go by private transport to one of the viewpoints of the Colca Canyon, but if you are in Cabanaconde you must still walk or take a private bus to the viewpoint of the Condor, one of the most visited sites of the Colca.

Recommended tours to the Colca Canyon

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  • 3 days trekking tour to the Colca Canyon
  • 1 day tour to Colca Canyon to Puno (several days)
  • Colca Canyon 2 days tour
  • Complete tour of the Colca Canyon from Arequipa City
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