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What to do in Coporaque?

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Home » Arequipa » What to do in Coporaque?

Coporaque is a district in the province of Caylloma in the Arequipa region, which is about 3,570 meters above sea level, which has a name from the Quechua language "Qhoto" and "Raque" which means "place where the corn is distributed".

According to historical studies, it is a town that has been of vital importance in pre-Inca and Inca times because it had the production of agricultural food, for the control of a large part of ecological floors. In addition, during colonial times it was a site used as a tribute payment point for the entire valley because it was Gonzalo Pizarro's headquarters.

A town that in recent years has incorporated experiential tourism that allows visitors to get up close, live and share the customs firsthand. Taking away an original experience, which will not only remain in photos, but in that understanding of the way of thinking and feeling of the inhabitants.

What to see and do in Coporaque?

In Coporaque you will be able to participate in different activities:

  • Draw.
  • Cycling in different circuits.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Experiential tourism.
  • Enjoy the local gastronomy.
  • Visit the hot springs of Sallihua, known to be medicinal.
  • Umaru thermal baths (jacuzzis and pools).

Visit its tourist attractions:

Santiago Apostol Temple of Coporaque

It is a very important temple, because from Coporaque it began with the catholic evangelization of the Collaguas valley and in its architecture it highlights the rectangular plant of a single nave next to the construction of stone and mud mortar in its structure. In the internal part it presents neoclassical altarpieces, along with ornamental decorations.

Santiago Apostle Temple of Coporaque

Colca Cultural House

The Colca Cultural Center is located in the center of Coporaque, where the cultural and historical value is presented in the form of art.

A space where you will observe the process of creating art in its different branches, whether in drawing, music or other activities such as gastronomy and dance workshops. The families who work in this Cultural House offer experiential tourism for visitors who wish to experience the cultural sharing of Coporaque.

You will appreciate the photographic exhibition of customs and traditions. You will visualize the way of life along with the presentation of serigraphy with Andean representation.

Tombs or Chullpas of Yuraq Qaqa

They are located at the top of Coporraque, where you will find constructions made of rectangular rock slabs and bone remains of ancient people who lived in the village.

Tumbas O Chullpas De Yuraq Qaqa
Tombs or Chullpas of Yuraq Qaqa

San Antonio Archaeological Complex

It is a pre-Inca citadel of the Collagua culture of the Colca Valley, which has 136 architectural structures with the presence of mausoleums, irrigation canals and a system of terraces that were also found to have been modified by the Inca culture.

How to get to Coporaque

To get to this town you take a transportation vehicle from the Arequipa bus terminal to the district of Chivay (about 4 hours away), and then take another car for only twenty minutes in the direction of Coporaque.

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