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Arequipa Founder's Mansion

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The Arequipa Founder's Mansion, built in Sillar (volcanic stone) characteristic of the place, has a colonial historical value that you can visit and add in the next travel plan you have. Learn more about this important mansion, which will undoubtedly call your attention.

Founder's house in Arequipa History

Garcí Manuel de Carbajal, recognized as the encomendero of southern Peru, founded the city of Arequipa on August 15, 1540 and thus was responsible for directing the layout of the region. Likewise, it is known that the founder had in possession a large amount of land and near the Socabaya River he found a perfect place for his son Diego to inhabit, a space that is currently the very same called the Founder's Mansion.

After the death of Garcí de Carbajal's heir, the property has had different owners over the years, until in 1785 it passed into the name of Captain Juan Crisóstomo de Goyeneche, who had it rebuilt and bequeathed it to one of his sons of religious training, a bishop.

The War of the Pacific brought with it a number of tragedies, one of them was that of 1883, year in which the Chilean army took Arequipa and proceeded to occupy the Mansion. Later, the bishop's heirs sold the property to Dr. Marcial Barriga, who after inheriting it to his children, they themselves kept it unoccupied.

After many years, the restoration work of the Founder's Mansion was eminent, this was done with the purchase of the society directed by José García Calderón y Bustamante. All because of the damage that the Mansion obtained because of the earthquakes (1958 and 1960), with the objective of having a structure of greater resistance for future telluric movements and becoming one of the works of greater merit in many years, according to the expressions of the former president of Peru, Fernando Belaúnde during the inauguration of 1980.

Arequipa Founder's Mansion
Founder's Mansion Photo: @dahliaoddphoto

Where is it located?

La Mansión del Fundador located on Paisajista Avenue, Jacobo Hunter 04011, 9 km from the historic center of the city of Arequipa.

What to see and do?

The entrance of the Mansion of the Founder of Arequipa welcomes us with a path with stone detail next to a landscape of vegetation between plants and trees, in the same way, you can visualize in the distance animals such as sheep, llamas, among others. The whole exterior part of the Mansion is very famous for the incredible photographs that you can take as a souvenir.

In the internal structure of the Mansion you will find spacious patios to take a pleasant rest, a chapel built in the eighteenth century by the Society of Jesus. The presence of rooms where the main dining room is full of paintings, living rooms with antique armchairs on a carpet base with amazing designs, furniture in the way and the master bedroom has a canopy bed in hand-washed bronze of Mexican origin.

Another of its attractions are the elements and objects of cultural value used over the years, you will appreciate the painting of the founder Garcí Carbajal, the oil painting of the Holy Trinity, among other canvases belonging to the Cuzco School. You will find kitchen items, paintings of the time, maps, plans, the collection of books of the seventeenth century, pre-Inca ceramic art and photographs of the families who lived in the Mansion,

To visit the Founder's Mansion, you have to take into account the admission hours, it is available every day of the year from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The entrance fee is 15.00 soles for all adults; however, for children and senior citizens it is 10.00 soles.

Founder's Mansion
Environments of the Mansion Photo: @dahliaoddphoto.
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