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Irriberry House

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Home » Arequipa » Irriberry House

The Irriberry House or known as Arrospide is another site in Arequipa that is worth a visit, also some Arequipa locals call it the talking house, because inside you will find messages carved on the ashlar.

Irriberry or Arrospide House

The Irriberry House was built in 1743, this huge house is characterized by having one of the thickest walls of the city, as we know the White City is characterized by having buildings made of ashlar and this is no exception.

As I had commented at the beginning, all its constructions are made of ashlar and it is in the center of the Main Square of Arequipa, when we were there we realized that the cover had engravings in its thick walls.

When we stopped to read it, it was a short Good Friday prayer "Santus Deus, Santus Fortis, Santus Inmortalys, Miserere Nobis. Amen" which translated into English would be Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us. Just like this writing you will find inside.

Entering the first courtyard we find another carving above the doorway with another prayer "Praised be the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar", entering further inside we find another writing that caught our attention.

Some told us that the message could be from the builder himself who said "This house was built in the year 1743. For God's sake I ask whoever lives in it, an Our Father".

For several years the house was occupied by different characters who helped to keep it as it is, since it embellishes not only with its construction but also with the small prayer phrases that make us believe that they were very devoted to the catholic faith.

At present, the Irriberry mansion is administered by the National University of Arequipa being this a Cultural Complex Chavez de la Rosa of the UNSA where exhibitions are held because it has spacious rooms and courtyards equipped for both artistic and cultural activities.

This place has art galleries of Jorge Vinata R. Manuel Domingo P., Teodoro Nuñez and others where they expose their art both arequipeños and foreigners.

Where is the Casona Irriberry located in Arequipa?

It is located on the corner of Santa Catalina and San Agustín Streets.

What to see and do in Irriberry House?

Here you can see the writings carved on the portals, walls, spacious patios, rooms with vaults, among others; also inside it are held a series of social events and exhibition, sale of Contemporary Art.

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