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Majes Valley, Arequipa

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Home » Arequipa » Majes Valley, Arequipa

The White City offers us a variety of attractions that we can visit, in this case we go to the Majes Valley in Arequipa, one of the greenest places where a variety of activities can be enjoyed.

The Majes Valley is characterized as a warm place with year-round sunshine. When the Spanish invaders arrived in Peruvian territory and took charge of colonizing every corner of Peruvian territory, they specifically named this place Majestic.

Surely we wonder why "majestic," because the land in this valley is surrounded by a landscape that conveys peace, serenity, and a lot of calm, plus one of the delicacies of this valley is chupe de camarones, a typical delicacy that can only be found here.

As I said, the place is magically beautiful and you can do some activities such as canoeing on the Majes River, hiking in the El Castillo rock formation, walking on dinosaur footprints, and admiring the more than 5,000 carvings in the petroglyphs of Toro Muerto.

Si sa che queste incisioni appartenevano alle culture Wari, Collagua e Inca. D'altra parte, nella Valle di Majes si celebra la festa della vendemmia, in cui si ringrazia per il buon raccolto e che si svolge ogni anno a marzo.

There are many places to learn about and enjoy the warm climate, its verdant landscape, a perfect place to visit with friends, family or as a couple, if you want to experience more or learn about other places like this, don't forget to contact us at Terandes to guide you on your trip.

Where is the Majes Valley located?

The Majes Valley is located in Arequipa, between 200 and 800 meters above sea level, exactly three hours from the White City.

What to see and do?

  • Pisco Cellar: Here you will be able to see everything that is used for the elaboration of pisco.
  • Toro Muerto: It is one of the rock art repositories located in a desert ravine. Here, engravings such as anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, geometric figures and other scenes of the inhabitants were captured.
  • Dinosaurs in Querulpa: This attraction is located 3 hours from the White City. Here are exhibited the footprints of dinosaurs that inhabited millions of years ago, it is believed that the place was inhabited by crocodiles, fish and others and in allusion to this were installed replicas of life-size dinosaurs all made of fiberglass.

Images of the Majes Valley of Arequipa

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