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Misti Volcano

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Home » Arequipa » Misti Volcano

The white city has one of the best attractions, the Misti Volcano is no exception, at an altitude of 5 825 meters above sea level being the tutelary attraction of Arequipa, from the top you can see the whole city, the Chili River valley and the volcanoes of Chachani and Pichu Pichu.

The Misti is approximately 112 000 years old, has a symmetrical conical shape with a challenging elevation, this volcano has presented at least 12 volcanic eruptions and one of these eruptions that occurred 2000 years ago was listed as one of the most important in southern Peru.

Misti derives from Quechua and means "man of white race" just as it is known to the city of Arequipa (white city). According to records the last eruption was in the 15th century (at the time of the Inca Pachacutec) causing ashes and other volcanic products that were used for study. The volcano presents a series of seismic activity (from 40 to 60 earthquakes) that are inappreciable by the inhabitants.

At the present time the majestic Misti is an active volcano, it presents a temperate, dry and soft climate with a temperature of 10° and 25° C and it is considered of great danger for being constantly active.

Volcan Misti
Misti Volcano

Where is Misti Volcano located?

It is 20 km / 12 miles northeast of Arequipa, within the Salinas y Aguada Blanca National Reserve.

Climbing Misti Volcano

The inhabitants consider the "Misti" as the protector of the city, this recognition comes from the Inca times, many say that the Incas had a lot of respect, they offered offerings and sacrifices to their protector.

But let's focus on climbing the volcano, many adventurers point out that it is not difficult to climb the Misti is like a mountain hike, but remember that before climbing you have to acclimatize, because you will climb to a considerable height.

Usually, the tour to climb the volcano is two days, the estimated time to climb is about five hours to then camp and appreciate all the flora, fauna and camping in the place, the next day we continue with the hike, but this time we will go to the top of the volcano which has an altitude of 5 825 meters above sea level.

After observing the panorama, landscapes, take pictures and more we begin to descend to then head to the city of Arequipa. This route you start it more from the town of Chiguata which is 30 km from the city.

There is also another route, you can do it from the Aguada Blanca Reserve which takes you about 3 hours by car to a certain point, from a site of vicuñas and other species you start your hike uphill, but this route is a bit steeper than the previous route. Here it takes about eight hours and is a bit complicated regarding the roads.

What to see and do in Misti Volcano?

See the flora and fauna, as the Misti volcano is inside the Aguada Blanca Reserve, from there we will be able to see the Andean condor (protector of the skies), vicuñas and endemic vegetation of the region.

Panoramic view of the city of Arequipa, once you get to the top of Misti you can see the whole city, you will feel that you are in the sky because you will have the presence of clouds and blue sky. Together with the Misti you can see the Pichu Pichu and Chachani other volcanoes that accompany it, perfect for watching the sunset.

Take pictures with the rail cross, once you get to the top you will notice that there is a rail cross, it was put up in 1 900 for the turn of the century.

Climbing Misti is one of the most impressive experiences you will ever have, your adventurous soul will thank you for it and you will take the best memories of the whole journey.

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