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Colonial mansion “Moral House”, Arequipa

Home » Arequipa » Colonial mansion “Moral House”, Arequipa
Home » Arequipa » Colonial mansion “Moral House”, Arequipa

In Arequipa we appreciate many colonial mansions that function as museums, on that occasion we tell you about the Casa del Moral, which was built in the eighteenth century and in 1958 was declared a Historical Monument of the City for the cultural value it represents.

La Casa del Moral, Arequipa, Peru

The name of the Casa del Moral comes from the old mulberry tree that is in the main courtyard, this monument passed through several owners over the years and now since 2003 belongs to the Banco de Credito del Peru.

In its architecture highlights the facade made with Sillar (volcanic stone typical in constructions of Arequipa), in the part of the cover is embossed designs of a shield, military weapons, angels, puma, birds and details that enhance the entrance.

Inside the Casa Moral you will find patios that have the perfect charm, of natural beauty for having bushes and plants that adorn the site. The first one is to receive visitors and in the second courtyard is notorious the familiar function it fulfills because you can find among the grasses the ceramic art of the so-called Chombas (where the traditional drinks are kept).

The Museum of the Moral House has spaces set in exhibition rooms, among them you can appreciate the different furniture with particular designs, paintings, old photographs about the construction of the place and medallions with images of different saints. In the same line you can find the dining room, the bedrooms very well equipped with wardrobes in Chinese letters and in the main room there is a piece of furniture where you can see the carving with important characteristics of the work "The Divine Comedy".

Another striking room is the collection of banknotes, valleys, tokens and coins, which are the legacy of the life of that time. Continuing with the tour, you will find the Library, which contains a large number of volumes of Spanish literature, also presented on the wall a set of maps of countries and continents of those years.

Location of the large house Casa del Moral in Arequipa

The mansion is located at 318 Moral Street, just a few minutes from the main square of Arequipa.

Visiting Hours

To visit the mansion you have to take into account the entrance hours, which are from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, as well as the cost of S / 3.50 for domestic tourists and S / 5.00 for foreign tourists.

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