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Visiting Mundo Alpaca, Arequipa takes you to know the finest wool that can have Peru and the world, in this craft center are exposed woven products based on vicuna and alpaca wool, each of them are made by masters in craftsmanship.

Also in the place you can interact with the alpacas, learn more about the machinery used, dyeing and weaving techniques, how the Inca weavers used to weave, exhibition of ancient samples and more.

Where is Alpaca World located?

Mundo Alpaca is located at 101 Juan de la Torre Ave. San Lazaro in the Historic Center of Arequipa.

Entry Hours?

Visiting hours are from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 18:30 and Sundays from 9:00 to 17:00, the entrance to the Alpaca World is totally free.

What to see and do in the Alpaca World of Arequipa?

The museum has a lot of history, they let you know the techniques they use to weave, learn more about the fiber.

Textileria Mundo Alpaca
Textilería Mundo Alpaca Photo:@lesrevuesdemanon
  1. Sharing time with the alpacas and llamas at the Mundo Alpaca Zoo, this activity can be done by both children and adults, in which they feed the animals, at the same time these same animals are sheared and it would not be unusual if you see them different between the winter and summer months.
  2. Knowing about the fiber, here they explain the classification of wool, it is a process that only experts can perform, it is a whole procedure.
  3. Weaving technique, this technique has been practiced since pre-Inca times, so the Andean people still preserve their ancestral technique. The Alpaca Museum gives you the opportunity to witness the technique through a master weaver.
  4. Tour the textile museum, during this short space the guide explains the origin and the process of industrialization of the alpaca wool, it is very important to pay attention and know how the wool was step by step.
  5. Visit the art gallery, here you will find all the annual winning exhibitions since 1981 that are in watercolor, oil and traditional textiles, you will visit about 3 rooms that you will be amazed by so many samples of Andean art.
  6. To culminate you will visit the store of alpaca and vicuña wool products, you will enter the Sol Alpaca Boutique where there are several alpaca and vicuña wool garments that you can buy if you like them.
Mundo Alpacaarequipa
Mundo Alpaca Arequipa Photo: @jormabos

Visiting Mundo Alpaca allows you to know the process through which passes the finest wool in the world, at the same time you can buy the products they make, each of them are made by master weavers.

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