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Arequipa Municipal Historical Museum

Home » Arequipa » Museums in Arequipa, the 10 best museums in Arequipa » Arequipa Municipal Historical Museum
Home » Arequipa » Museums in Arequipa, the 10 best museums in Arequipa » Arequipa Municipal Historical Museum

The Municipal Historical Museum of Arequipa shows us in its rooms a variety of objects that belong to the May 2nd and the revolution of Arequipa. In its passage you will also find historical material and gallery of illustrious personages of Arequipa.

The Municipal Historical Museum was founded on August 18, 1955; with the purpose of exposing its local, national and foreign visitors about what happened in this part of the country, some data related to ethnology, plastic arts that are a clear sample of Arequipa's history.

It should be noted that in this museum there is a place to commemorate those men and women who have left us a legacy this time, whose lives and works have taught us that many of them have dedicated their lives to that.

For example, he exposes one of the emblematic characters of the White City, the poet Mariano Melgar, who gave his life for the freedom of his people, Juan Pablo Vizcardo y Guzmán, in turn, wrote a famous letter to the conscience of the authentic Americans in this new world; also other characters contributed to jurisprudence, philosophy, literature, science and politics.

In short, the events of our past can be found in the various rooms of this museum, albeit in a limited way, which tries to explain something of our country.

Where is the Guillermo Zegarra Meneses Museum located?

To get to this legendary museum you must go to San Francisco 407 Cercado.

What to see and do in the Historical Museum of Arequipa?

In the museum you will be able to see several rooms that exhibit the Pre-Hispanic Cultures, architecture, arts and more.

You can visit them from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and to enter you have to pay a fee for national and foreign tourists, students, and the general public.

Room 1: Here you will be able to see several samples of the regional Pre-Hispanic Cultures of Arequipa, Chuquibamba, churajon wari (Plumary Mantle) and sumbay lithic points.

Room 2: This room shows a Colonial Baroque architecture of the southern region, in which I compile facades of churches and mansions of the seventeenth century.

Room 3 and 4: Photographic samples and objects of the Combate dos de Mayo and the War of the Pacific; the Flag waved in the Tower of Santa Rosa Callao of 1866, Provincial Municipal of Arequipa in 1966; portraits of the great arequipeños participants in the mentioned contest, Portrait of a hero of the War of the Pacific, letters of Miguel Grau directed to his wife Dolores de Cavero, Telegrams of colonel Francisco Bolognesi dated June 7, 1880.

Room 5: Land of the city of Arequipa from 1868 to 2001.

Room 6. Great gallery of illustrious Arequipeños.

Room 7: Gallery of Plastic Arts; works by famous painters such as Luis Palao, Calvo de Araujo, Casimiro Cuadros, Carlos Trujillo Olmedo, Hnos. Núñez Ureta, López Galván, etc.

Room 8: Caricatures of the indigenous painter Jorge Vinatea Reynoso.

Room 9: The Peruvian Navy, here are presented the four periods of Peru: Ancient, Viceroyalty, Republican and Contemporary.

Room 10: This last room shows the writers and public life of Arequipeña.

Do not hesitate to visit Arequipa, it has several museums, cultures that teach more about our Peruvian history. Contact us at Tierra de los Andes to offer you better experiences in different parts of our country.

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