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Sillar of Arequipa

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The Sillar of Arequipa is the most important element used in the main constructions of the region named as the White City, for having the predominant presence of this volcanic rock that is visualized in the Main Cathedral, in the different temples, in the houses of the historical center, bridges and among other constructions that surprise the visitor.

Where is the Sillar of Arequipa located?

To know the work of Sillar you can take the destination known as La Ruta del Sillar that begins in the Quarry of Añashuayco, passes through Culebrillas, Chullo and other areas of the place that allow you to move.

This rock can be found at 600 square kilometers, in the districts of Yura, Cayma, Yanahura, Cerro Colorado, Sachaca, Alto Selva Alegre and Uchumayo of Arequipa.

Rutas Del Sillar Arequipa Foto: Marko Erman
Rutas Del Sillar Arequipa Foto: Marko Erman

History of the Sillar of Arequipa

Declared as Cultural Patrimony of the Nation of Peru, to revalue the technique of extraction and carving of the ashlar that has passed from generation to generation of family, inherited since colonial times.

The "Ignimbrita Aeropuerto de Arequipa", known as Sillar, is the material that comes from the ash of fragmented lava, resulting from the explosion of a volcano that was before the Misti and Chachani (about 1 million years ago), which caused two types of stone, one of solidified white color and less compact pinkish tone.

Let's talk about the stonemasons, who work in ashlar and show their artistic works that enchant the visitor, from shields and small sculptures that stand out as the bear, condor, scorpion, lion's head, bull, horse or other figures that you can see all along the way of this tourist destination.

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