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Colonial mansion Tristán del Pozo, Arequipa

Home » Arequipa » Colonial mansion Tristán del Pozo, Arequipa
Home » Arequipa » Colonial mansion Tristán del Pozo, Arequipa

This time we visit the colonial Casona Tristán del Pozo in Arequipa, one of the beautiful buildings of this city that was built in 1738 by General Domingo Carlos Tristán del Pozo and his wife Ana María who acquired the house.

When entering the house you will be surprised with the enormous constructions, since many times it was object of study for what the researchers of the architecture mention that the structure is characteristic in one of the most emblematic and impressive large houses that it has especially for its environments, patios and artistic facade.

C. Tristan De Pozo
C. Tristán De Pozo

Where is it located?

It is located at 108 San Francisco Street in the historic center of Arequipa.

What to see and do in Tristán de Pozo?

Among the most impressive things you will see in the colonial Casona Tristan de Pozo will be the facade, as it is an architectural jewel being this its best expression of civil and colonial architecture, but that's not all, it also has other decorations of this time; among them are the carvings that stand out from the house and appear more when the sun enters and you can see its shape in the shadow.

If you continue walking inside you will find large columns that support it, in the middle you will find a bush of five branches in which bloom cantutas holding large medallions, alluding to a family tree.

Walking further inside you will find several huge spaces, one of the rooms that is inside seeks to revalue the house from its historical and architectural aspect. Many doors represent the Arequipa people that belonged to the schools of the city.

Actually, we have a lot to see and to know about the origins of the Arequipa people, as you will see it is one of the few buildings that allows you to know about its origin of the constructions; also much of the architecture mentions all the historical process as its dimensions, design of the mestizo baroque style that was composed in the regional architectural school of Arequipa.

At present this mansion is inhabited by a bank, however, to show the public and all tourists about the heritage, which is why they installed a museum, art gallery that were built by their owners.

If you are in Arequipa you have to visit this beautiful house Tristan del Pozo that shows you the origins of the city, also right there is the museum with its various numismatic collections with ancient coins of value.

You can visit it daily from Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 18:00 hours and on Saturdays until noon. https://fundacionbbva.pe/casonas-y-museos/casa-tristan-del-pozo/

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