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Viewpoint of Yanahuara

Home » Arequipa » Viewpoint of Yanahuara
Home » Arequipa » Viewpoint of Yanahuara

The viewpoint of Yanahuara is one of the most visited tourist sites in the white city, it is a set of arches built of ashlar built in the nineteenth century, in each of the walls has inscriptions that belong to verses of poets authors born in Arequipa.

Where is the viewpoint of Yanahuara located?

The viewpoint of Yanahuara is located 2 km from the city of Arequipa, to get to the Mirador you can do it on foot that will take you about 20 or 25 minutes to get there, for this you must take the Santa Catalina street heading north until you reach the Grau Bridge then turn left.

You will cross the Chili River and follow the road that will lead you to Francisco Bolognesi street, then go to the Cuesta del Angel, this street will lead you to the Mirador.

The other option is to take a taxi which will take about 5 minutes or a bus which will drop you off near the Mirador.

Characteristics of the viewpoint of Yanahuara

The viewpoint has 10 arches built of ashlar, as we said before in each of the arches there are writings that have engravings of poets from Arequipa, it also has an incredible view of the white city and a panoramic view of the three volcanoes of the city (Misti, Pichu Pichu and Chachani).

What to see and do in the viewpoint of Yanahuara?

Here you can do many things at the same time to see the incredible panoramic views of the city:

  • Panoramic view, from this place you can take the best panoramic pictures of the volcanoes and the city itself.
  • Visit the church of San Juan de Yanahuara, it was built in 1750 and preserves the baroque style; it is a few steps from the viewpoint and is worth a visit.
Iglesia Yanahuara
Church, Yanahuara
  • If you are a dessert lover, then you must try the "arequipeño ice cheese", around the viewpoint you can buy it.
  • Read the engravings, as I told you in each arch there are writings, and you can stop for a few minutes and read the engravings of each author.
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