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Villalobos House Museum

Home » Arequipa » Villalobos House Museum
Home » Arequipa » Villalobos House Museum

This time we went to the Villalobos House Museum built in the early twentieth century, it is said that this was owned by Don Jose Villalobos Ampuero doctor and former mayor of the city of Arequipa, the population called him the doctor of the poor.

Casona Villalobos, Arequipa

The Casona Museo Villalobos is one of the museums considered a National Monument by the Peruvian State and Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the city of Arequipa.

The present museum belonged to Don José Villalobos Ampuero who was a doctor by profession and ex-mayor of the city. The people of Arequipa called him "the doctor of the poor" precisely because of the vocation of service he had with the most needy people, according to the story he was so concerned about the needy that he was always at the service without thinking about it.

Likewise, he was concerned in preserving pieces of great importance of the city, since pieces had arrived from different continents between Europe and Asia as part of its relevance of the pieces; Don Jose decided to preserve and expose them in the classic palace of that time making it important and an exquisite view at the end of the eighteenth century, nineteenth and early twentieth century.

During that time he managed to keep a large number of works of art, different objects that show the historical evolution of Arequipa, these pieces were passed through three generations of the family who, seeing its importance and beauty, decided to expose it to the public to know a little more of the White City.

When we enter the House Museum you feel as if you were going back to the beginning of everything, it transports you to a beautiful time where they still used a very imposing carved wooden gate, the use of ashlar among others that simply show the beginning of everything.

But that's not all, if you visit the next room you will see beautiful porcelain ornaments, oil paintings that still remain in their frame of that time, you will also find the lamps that we are told may have decorated palaces or other spaces of great importance, in short, each piece takes you to different times and places that deserve to be visited.

Nowadays, the Villalobos House Museum still belongs to the family itself, and they decided to keep it for more than three generations and at the same time they decided to show it to the public.

Where is Casa Museo Villalobos located?

The Villalobos Museum is located at 206 Álvarez Thomas Street.

Visiting hours

You can visit it from Monday to Saturday from 09:30 am to 17:00 hours.

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