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Archaeological Center of Inkilltambo Cusco

Home » Cusco » Visit Cusco's most incredible archaeological sites » Archaeological Center of Inkilltambo Cusco
Home » Cusco » Visit Cusco's most incredible archaeological sites » Archaeological Center of Inkilltambo Cusco

Inkilltambo Archaeological Center, known as the Inca Jail, is a tourist destination that functioned as an Inca ceremonial sanctuary. A very interesting place to visit and share unique moments with family and friends.

Inkilltambo comes from a Quechua word that translates as "flowery garden". Being a place that is made up of a variety of buildings, which highlights the presence of the huaca as the main center.

Inkilltambo Ruins or Inca Jail in Cusco

The Inca Jail is built on a giant rock where you can find perfectly carved stones, which has incredible details that give geometric shapes, a space that inside has well worked niches, likewise, has a very well designed passageway where possibly held people who committed some crimes. In the external part are the windows of trapezoidal characteristic, with a spectacular polishing.

This site is a great Inca legacy, because it represents the entire Andean cosmovision, where every part is so amazing and unmissable, demonstrating the ability of the ancient engineers who maintained a very interesting philosophy of life as the respect they kept for their culture and natural environment.

In addition, there is a rock in the center of the courtyard, this is identified by having a hole that possibly was used as a viewpoint of stars and is differentiated from the others because it is composed of three colors such as yellow, red and gray.

According to several travelers, it is notorious the different sound in the Huaca Sagrada, where when you peek inside you can notice the change when you start talking and this is another curiosity that has yet to be studied.

Inkilltambo Inca Prison
Inkilltambo Inca Prison


According to the study of chronists such as Santa Cruz Pachacuti and Bernabé Cobo, the construction of the Inkilltambo Archaeological Center began in the government of the Inca Wiracocha, and then the Inca Pachacutec restructured the designs with the objective of strengthening the religious ideology and to be administered by the Royal Panaca (Inca Blood Nobility).

After a long time, this site was reconstructed by the Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de Cusco, to recover its cultural value and the other Inca constructions.

Today, it is a site visited for its Andean landscape, for being a sacred space that has much to tell and show to the whole world.


The Inkilltambo Archaeological Site is located in the Cachimayo Micro-fifty, being part of the Saqsayhuman Archaeological Park, located in the north of the district of San Sebastian in the Cusco region.

New discoveries from Inkilltambo

Inkilltambo is a Huaca or sacred Ceremonial Sanctuary of the Inca era, which needed to be rediscovered because it did not show all its value, for that very reason, during the years 2015 and 2016, the Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura Cusco worked on the restoration of the archaeological center, where it was recovered:

  • Stone structures
  • Retaining walls
  • Stairs
  • Brokers
  • Scaffolding System
  • Irrigation canals
  • Inca Roads

How to get to Inkilltambo?

To get to the Inkilltambo Archaeological Center, you can take the following options:

By public transportation, you can go to the Rosas Pata Market to wait for the Inka Express service and then get off at the Tienda stop, where the entrance to the archaeological site is located. If you take the Huerto service, you will have to get off at the Qenqo stop and from there follow the road to Inkilltambo.

Private service, you can take a cab or hire a private car to take you to the nearest part of the desired destination.

Both ways are a good choice, however, if you want to have no complications, have a proper organization and guided tour with detailed explanation of the entire tour, it is advisable to go with a travel agency as Tierras de los Andes, which offers the best tours with the most amazing tourist attractions of Cusco.

What to see and do in Inkilltambo?

During the tour you can do the following activities with your loved ones and take advantage of the free admission.

  • Trekking to Inkilltambo, is a perfect way to get to know the surroundings of Inkilltambo and better appreciate every part that this destination has to offer.
  • Horseback riding, before arriving at the archaeological site you can have an incredible and relaxing experience at the same time.
  • Instagrammable photos, along the way and upon arrival at Inkilltambo you can take many creative photos for your social networks.
  • Visit the natural viewpoints, you will find many high points that show you wonderful landscapes that you cannot miss.

As a central part, you have to visit the Archaeological Center of Inkilltambo because it has an architecture that features stone constructions, the same that are arranged in the form of cells that form extensive walls that cover each distributed space.

You will find water channels that run throughout the archaeological site, taking advantage of the proximity of the destination with the river that passes nearby, among other factors that undoubtedly demonstrates the great knowledge in hydraulic engineering that the Incas maintained and every step you take will be guided by means of stone steps.

Giant stones in Inkilltambo
Giant stones in Inkilltambo
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