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Raqchi Archaeological Park

This time we go to Canchis to visit the Sacred archaeological park Raqchi or Temple of Wiracocha, curiously in the place pre-Inca archaeological remains were found, therefore, it is believed that it was a place of great importance like Machu Picchu.

In this article we will not only talk about how important Raqchi was, we will also learn about its architecture, where it is located, how we can get there, what things we can see and do, schedules to visit and we recommend some tours to visit other magical sites.

Description and history of the Raqchi Archaeological Park

Raqchi or also known as the Temple of Wiracocha or Inca Parthenon, was a settlement of houses and temple dedicated to the God Wiracocha, according to chroniclers consider that the site was very relevant because this point was like an oracle and at the same frequented by the Inca Pachacutec.

According to history, the archaeological park was built during the rule of Wiracocha, Pachacutec and the Inca Tupac Yupanqui in the fifteenth century. After having carried out the corresponding excavations, they were surprised to find that there were ancient ceramics that belonged to the pre-Incas.

For this reason, Raqchi is believed to have been a sacred, divine site for both pre-Inca and Inca cultures.

How is the architecture of Raqchi

The Raqchi Archaeological Park is built on a base of finely cut stone and with a clear appearance, on it was built kallankas that suggests that the complex was built between 1440 approximately.

Likewise, five different sectors were found at the site: The Temple of Wiracocha, Sector of the Colcas, Sector of the fountains, Major Inca Temple, Enclosures and the Qhapac Ñan. It is considered that to have these constructions Raqchi had 3 different periods in which they were governed, starting with the Inca Wiracocha this according to the accounts of the chronicler Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.

After his period it was governed by the Inca Pachacútec between the years 1439 - 1471 and the third period Cieza de León mentions the Inca Túpac Yupanqui that commanded in the period of 1471 - 1493, practically it was given almost in the whole XV century.

Location of the Raqchi Archaeological Center

P.A. of Raqchi is located in the district of San Pedro in the province of Canchis.

How to get to Raqchi from Cusco?

To get to Raqchi from the city of Cusco you must take the bus that goes to Urcos, Sicuani which is located in Huayruropata these will take you to this tourist site, once there you must buy the entrance ticket.

At what altitude is Raqchi

The Raqchi Archaeological Park has an altitude of 3,550 m. It is located in the Vilcanota valley next to the river of the same name.

What is the climate like in Raqchi?

Raqchi has two seasons, the dry season that occurs between the months of April to October, usually the days are sunny and at night it is cold, and between the months of November to March which is the rainy season and you should always have your waterproof clothing.

What to see and do in the Raqchi archaeological site?

The Raqchi Archaeological Park has amazing constructions, below we will detail all that you can see:

  • Wiracocha Temple: This is a larger and more beautiful building that was built in honor of the creator of the world, has a rectangular floor plan consisting of four naves, it is 92 m long and 25 m wide, occupying about 2300 m². At the moment of this construction only remains its walls that has a height of 20 m, it has windows, doors and columns on both sides of what was the construction.
  • Major Inca Temple: or Inca Parthenon, which would be the main room of the Inca, as it has a similarity to the temple of Wiracocha at present you can see only the stone bases and parts of adobe.
  • Colcas: It is a circular construction of about 8 m with a height of 4 m. Up to 156 were found that were used as storage for food, corn, quinoa, dehydrated potato, among other products.
  • Water fountains: They were carved with the purpose of refilling water and supplying Raqchi, among them is one of the best worked fountains called "Inca Bat".

Recommended tours that include Raqchi

  • Treasures of Peru, in this tour we will visit different places such as the Ballestas Islands, Huacachina in Ica, then we go to the city of Cusco and we can visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu, Laguna Humantay, Seven Colors Mountain, Ruta de Sol there is where we will visit Raqchi, Andahuaylillas, Puno.
  • Tour of the South Valley Cusco, this tour takes you to Raqchi and other archaeological sites of the imperial city.

Hours and entrance fee to Raqchi

You can enter from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday. The entrance fee is 10 soles per adult and 5 soles for students.

Apart from other constructions, a statue was also found, which according to specialists called it the statue in two parts representing the god Wiracocha, currently this image is in the Museum of America in Madrid and the other in the Inka Museum of Cusco.

Finally, the Raqchi Archaeological Park is one of the places that still keeps its traditions and customs from thousands of years ago, and to learn about their way of life you can do experiential tourism and interact with the people of Raqchi.

If you are interested in getting to know new customs, cultures and living one of the best experiences in Raqchi, write to us at Tierra de los Andes and we will make your trip unique.

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