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Temple of the Moon in Cusco

You are in Cusco and you feel that all the tourist places you go to are full, well let me tell you that those are not all the places that this beautiful city has, you can also go to places few visited as the Temple of the Moon which is carved into rock, religious and magical site, you can go without paying any cost.

What are you waiting for! Keep reading this article and learn everything you can find, what activities to do, among other important facts about this Inca temple.

Before, let's know about the Temple of the Moon that is built inside a cavern, at that time for the Incas this point was sacred and mystical; in addition, we can see that in one of the exterior rocks there is presence of stone carvings with different forms and the one that calls more attention is the form of a semicircular moon.

For this reason the place took the name of the Temple of the Moon, it is not the only figure that can be seen, we can see the snake, condor and puma that are also considered sacred animals. In the interior of the cavern we can see a finely carved ceremonial table, and in the upper part the light filters in the direction of the ceremonial table. Some say that rituals were performed for the fertility of women.

  • The Temple of the Moon was a sacred and mystical place in Inca times.
  • Figures of the moon, snake, condor and puma were found, all considered sacred.
  • Some chroniclers point out that the functional and morphological characteristics belong to the imperial Inca period from 1438 - 1532, since it is believed that this type of work on stone was carried out at this time. They also mention that the ceremony was performed both indoors and outdoors, all dedicated to the moon and other deities such as the Pachamama.
  • It is considered that the temple was also dedicated to fertility, because its construction simulates the shape of the uterus and the upper cavity is filtered by the light that enters and this would represent the vagina, during moonlit nights the chamber was illuminated by this light, it is also thought that the cavern was adorned with gold.
Moon Temple Cover Photo: Kusi Seminario
Moon Temple Cover Photo: Kusi Seminario

Where is the Moon Temple located?

The Temple of the Moon is located about 5 km from the city of Cusco near the archaeological site of Qenqo.

How to get to the Moon Temple?

To get to the Temple of the Moon from the Plaza Mayor Cusco we have three alternatives:

  • The first is to walk from the Plaza Mayor to Qenqo and from there go to the Temple of the Moon, generally this route is for those who have a good physical condition or trekking lovers, the approximate travel time to get there is 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • The second alternative is to take the services of the E.T. Señor del Huerto that will take you to Qenqo and from there you must go to the Temple of the Moon passing through a cultivated field. Although you can also take a private cab service that will take you to the place, but the cost is around 20 soles.
  • The third alternative is to hire the services of a tourism agency (Terandes), they will guide you all the way in which you not only get to the Temple of the Moon, you will also go to Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay and you can even go cycling, trekking, horseback riding, among others.

What to see and do in the Temple of the Moon?

  • Mysticism, the Temple of the Moon is an important ceremonial center and nowadays some visitors go there to practice a spiritual retreat surrounded by nature and the mysticism found in mysticism.
  • Zoomorphic sculptures, in the place you will find carvings of zoomorphic figures, for example you will see birds, felines and snakes considered as sacred, all in high relief.
  • Qhapac Ñan, or royal road, which means Inca road network that covered the entire Tahuantinsuyo, a road of great importance that passed through countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.
  • Temple kusilluchayoq, in Spanish means Temple of the monkeys, as its name says here you can witness some monkeys that were beheaded by the looters of idolatries and we can only see his body, but still remain visible. It is believed that in this place they worshiped this animal from the jungle.
  • Scenic view, you are a nature lover looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then this place offers panoramic views where you can picnic and enjoy the scenery.
  • Trekking, you are a sport lover then you can do this tour that will take you 1 hour to reach this magical destination.
  • Horseback riding, this is an option you can do to get to know more of the place, experiences are only once and you should not miss the opportunity to try it.

Hours and admission prices

You can visit the Temple of the Moon every day, from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, keep in mind that you must leave the place early, as it is a little dangerous at night so I recommend you to leave early, the entrance is free, there is no cost so this is a good opportunity to visit it.

In conclusion, visiting the Temple of the Moon will help you to recharge positive energies, because it is still a magical and mysterious point for many, also, it allows you to relax, take off from all that noise of the city and just feel yourself and all the mystery of the place, you can go with your friends, family, boyfriend, husband, etc.. In short, it is the best place to breathe fresh air and enjoy all that magic.

If you want to visit more destinations like this, follow us and write to us at Tierra de los Andes we will help you to make your visit in Cusco more profitable and unforgettable.

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