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Traditional Market of Pisac

Home » Cusco » Guide to visit the Markets of Cusco in Peru » Traditional Market of Pisac
Home » Cusco » Guide to visit the Markets of Cusco in Peru » Traditional Market of Pisac

As the title of this article says, we will talk about the traditional market of Pisac where they offer fabrics, pottery, gifts, pucará bulls, jewelry, costume jewelry, musical instruments and more, all originating from Peru.

This is one of the typical markets of Cusco, Pisac, where native products are sold and artisans from communities come to the city to sell all their products. Currently, the market of Pisac is full of stalls that sell pure handicrafts; also its streets are full of these products.

But that's not the only thing sold here, you'll also find other food stands, organic fruits and vegetables grown in the valley.

Where is the Pisac Traditional Market located?

How to get to Pisaq Market (Pisac) from Cusco?

To get to Pisac from Cusco, you must first go to Puputi street which is about 15 minutes from the center and see that from there buses, buses to the town Pisac, generally the ticket prices are not over 10 soles.

A private cab will charge you between 50 to 60 soles to the town of Pisac. If you go during the day, wear light clothing, but keep in mind that the temperature varies and you should always carry warm clothes for the evenings when it is cold.

While passing through here you can visit the archaeological center of Pisac which is on top of a mountain, which was listed as one of the centers of great importance for the Incas.

What to buy in the traditional market of Pisac?

The Pisac market sells a mixture of products and what you can find here are handicrafts, food, fruits, vegetables and more.

Buy Handicrafts in Pisac

This section is full of craft stalls, all the products you find here are related to the Inca culture, it is difficult to get lost, as it is close to the entrance of the Pisac Archaeological Complex and next to the ancient temple of Pisac.

Not only clothing that is unique, there are also handbags, backpacks, bags, souvenirs, gifts, ceramics, jewelry and other hand-woven products made of alpaca fiber. Don't be afraid to bargain, as the prices here can vary so you can look for what suits you best.

Buy Traditional Food in Pisac

If you are craving for a typical food you can also find it here, just go to the food section, but look for the dish you want, prices vary because they are according to the dish they serve, for example you can order a ceviche, lomo saltado, baked guinea pig, fried trout and other dishes.

Buying fruits and vegetables at the market

It works like any traditional market, you will not only find handicrafts or food, but there is also a section where they sell fruits, vegetables, organic vegetables of the place. For example, here you can find a variety of potatoes, corn, types of potatoes that are known as oca, olluco and other products that bring the residents of the communities of Pisac.

Opening hours and days

It is actually open every day from 8 am to 5 pm, but the main day to visit is Sundays because people come from different communities to sell handicrafts and consumer products.

Tips for shopping at the Pisac Market

  • If you are visiting the market, always have cash on hand so that you don't have trouble buying the item you want.
  • Don't miss the opportunity to try the chicha de jora made from fermented corn or the frutillada made from fruit essences, both of which are widely consumed by the locals, as well as being a traditional drink.
  • If you are looking for jewelry among others you can get it here at low costs unlike other markets.
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