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San Blas Market of Cusco

Home » Cusco » Guide to visit the Markets of Cusco in Peru » San Blas Market of Cusco
Home » Cusco » Guide to visit the Markets of Cusco in Peru » San Blas Market of Cusco

The San Blas market is located in the renowned artisan neighborhood of Cusco. This market is one of the oldest markets in Cusco along with the market of San Pedro, who sell a variety of products ranging from vegetables, meats, foods, plants, among others to which tourists and locals flock.

History of the San Blas market

The San Blas market is one of the oldest with more than 50 years (1969), in the beginning the market functioned in front of the square of the Plazoleta de San Blas, when the former mayor of Cusco Daniel Estrada Perez ordered to build the market near the fifth Zarate so that in this way the traders could not sell their products outdoors.

The traders move to this market, generally the vendors of San Blas are the same citizens who live in this neighborhood. At the beginning, the market was only for the citizens who lived in San Blas, but when the public transportation company Cristo Blanco started to operate, people began to visit the different markets, such as San Pedro.

However, the market did not lose its touch, as it was still visited; likewise, some steps were taken with the authorities to promote the market and over time it has become popular with both domestic and foreign tourists today.

Where is the San Blas Market located?

The San Blas Market is located in Pumapaccha, Chihuampata Avenue; just one block from the chapel of San Blas, Cusco.

What to see and do in Cusco's San Blas Market?

The market as a mixed type zonal supply center offers a variety of products (wholesale and retail). It has at least 150 stalls organized by sections.

  • Grocery section (milk, rice, sugar, oil, etc.)
  • Meat section (lamb, beef, chicken, fish, pork)
  • Food section (typical dishes of the region)
  • Vegetable and fruit section
  • Grain section
  • Plants section (ornamental, decorative, etc.)
  • Juice section (papaya, strawberry, combined, etc.)

This market also has a fair on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays where plants and handicrafts are sold.

The market is usually open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. In the place you will see locals and also tourists who visit the market of San Blas, historic center.

How to get to the San Blas Market from Cusco

There are two options to get to the San Blas market, one you can go by public transportation that leaves you at the height of the San Blas market and the other is to go on foot which gives you better views of the city and the San Blas square.

You have to head uphill from the Plaza Mayor of Cusco until you reach the Plazoleta de San Blas, on this road you will see the stone of the 12 angles, further up you will find the temple that bears the same name.

Once in the square you have to go down Carmen Bajo street until you go up Chihuampata street and in sight is the San Blas de Cusco market.

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