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Home » Cusco » All the viewpoints in Cusco | TOP

The city of Cusco is undoubtedly one of the paradises with the best attractions it has, I tell you that visiting each of these incredible viewpoints will make us fall more in love with this Inca land, you will take the best memories, you just have to visit them and they are free, then you have no more excuses.

Here is the top of all the viewpoints that you have to visit and take the best instagrammable pictures:

Viewpoints in Cusco 2023

As I mentioned, visiting these viewpoints is free, which would no longer be an excuse to go and here I detail everything you can see, location, how to get there and if there is any cost to visit these viewpoints.

San Blas viewpoint

Viewpoint San Blas
Viewpoint San Blas

It is one of the most visited viewpoints even his neighborhood is well known as the "neighborhood of artisans" and surely you saw that many are taken incredible instagrammable photos of the entire city of Cusco.

What to see at the San Blas viewpoint

The viewpoint of San Blas is located in the high part of the city and this facilitates the panoramic view.

  • Watching the sunset and the night view, give us a spectacular view.
  • Places points, San Blas has several places like restaurants, bars, handicrafts and more.


The San Blas viewpoint is located on Kiskapata street, just over there is the Limbus restobar (take it as a guide).

How to get to the San Blas viewpoint

To get to the viewpoint of San Blas you have to go to Triunfo and Hatunrumiyoq street until you reach the San Blas neighborhood and you have to go to the top of the hill where you will find the viewpoint that will give you an impressive view.

Is there a fee to enter the San Blas lookout point?

It is free of charge, so you have to visit it.

San Cristóbal viewpoint

It is one of the famous and most visited viewpoints because all those who visit the archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman always pass by the place.

What to see at the San Cristóbal viewpoint

  • It has a view of the city of Cusco.
  • Right there you will find the temple, the plaza and the viewpoint, all a cultural sight.


The San Cristobal viewpoint is located on Don Bosco street, at the foot of the Sacsayhuaman fortress.

How to get to the San Cristóbal viewpoint

From the Plaza Mayor you must walk up the slope Sweden to the Salesian school and follow the paved road until you reach the viewpoint, it is difficult to get lost because it is located on the track.

Is there a fee to enter the San Cristóbal lookout point?

There is no cost, you can do it for free and wait for the sunset or the night to give you beautiful views.

Viewpoint of Cristo Blanco

From this point you can have one of the best views of the entire city of Cusco, the image of Christ the Redeemer is since 1945 with about 8 m high, was donated by a Palestinian Arab colony and sculpted by the filmmaker and sculptor Francisco Olazo A.

What to see from the Cristo Blanco viewpoint

  • Panoramic view of the entire city of Cusco.
  • You can see the tutelary snow-capped mountains that surround the city.
  • You can even admire all the mountains surrounding the city.


The viewpoint of Cristo Blanco is located to the northeast of Cusco on the Pukamoqo hill (Cerro Rojo).

How to get to the Cristo Blanco viewpoint

You must take the E. T. Señor del Huerto or E. T. Cristo Blanco, these two companies will drop you off at Cristo Blanco itself, the average fare is 1 sol.

You can also do it on foot, but for this you must follow the street Sweden until you reach the viewpoint of San Cristobal and follow the track and right there is the entrance door to Sacsayhuaman, once entered you must head towards the statue, difficult that you do not realize your presence.

Is there a fee to enter the Cristo Blanco lookout point?

Admission to the White Christ is free, you do not pay any cost.

Pachaqutec viewpoint

This incredible image of about 11.50 m high attracts the attention of everyone who passes by the place, it is another point that you must visit.

What to see from the viewpoint of Pachacútec

  • The stone tower is about 11 meters high, on it is the statue of the Inca governor Pachacutec.
  • Panoramic view of the city and the best photos.
  • You will be able to see the presence of the tutelary snow-capped mountains that surround the Inca city.
  • Visit the museum that exhibits the Inca culture.


It is located in the Pachacuteq Oval, in the district of Santiago, a few steps from the Terminal Terrestre.

How to get to Pachaqutec viewpoint

To get there from downtown you can take public transportation from Satélite, Ttio la Florida, Nuevo Amanecer that will leave you near the place or you can also take a cab or just come on foot along Grau Avenue that will take you to the viewpoint of Pachacuteq.

Is there an entrance fee to the Pachaquetec lookout point?

To enter you only have to pay 2 Peruvian soles, a modest price, and if you have the Tourist Ticket (BTCI) you can visit, you can visit it from 9 in the morning until 7 at night.

Santa Ana viewpoint

This beautiful viewpoint may go unnoticed, but it is one of the most visited viewpoints by all those who love the first sunrise, a spectacular sunrise.

What to see from the Santa Ana viewpoint

  • Viewpoint overlooking the Plaza Mayor of Cusco.
  • You can visit the temple of Santa Ana and the old bell tower of Santa Ana.
  • Take the best photographs of the sunrise.


It is located in Santa Ana, on Abancay Avenue, a few minutes from the Plaza de Armas.

How to get to the Santa Ana viewpoint

You can walk from the Plaza Mayor, come to Meloq street and from there you have to climb some steps and you arrive at the slope of Santa Ana, or you can come by cab and it will only take you about 7 to 8 minutes to get there.

Is there an entrance fee to the Santa Ana viewpoint?

To visit the viewpoint of Santa Ana is free, you do not pay any cost and you can visit it at any time you can.

En conclusion, la visite des points de vue de Cusco est l'une des vues de toute la ville de Cusco, et chacun d'entre eux vous raconte une histoire et une perspective de la cité inca. Ne manquez pas de visiter ces magnifiques points de vue et de prendre de superbes photos instagrammables.

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