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What festivities are there in February in Peru?

Home » Festividades del Perú » What festivities are there in February in Peru?
Home » Festividades del Perú » What festivities are there in February in Peru?

The month of February is characterized by having only 28 days, in which we will live every day full of colors and water; also known as the month of carnivals, a festival that is celebrated with great joy and in which there is no race, color or place of origin, here we all have fun, this is one of the festivities in February in Peruvian territory.

5 Reasons to visit Peru in February

On this special date a lot of participants and tourists from all over Peru and abroad congregate, being recognized these festivities as an enormous wealth. Peru has incredible places to visit and learn about its history, so from Terandes I will give you the five reasons to visit Peru in the month of February.


Peru has a millenary past and history that has been transmitted from generation to generation, but that is not all, this country has evidence of all its cultures through the existence of civilizations or its oldest citadel called Caral and is on the Peruvian coast.

It also has one of the 7 wonders of the modern world "Machu Picchu" which has an incredible view, we also have archaeological sites such as Chan CHan, Chavin, the huge Nazca Lines, among other infinite attractions of this historic country.

The Peruvian coast from January to March has a warm climate, as Peruvians say a good time to spend the summer is this, because all day we have the sun on us, the weather is ideal for visiting these places.


Peru's biodiversity is extensive, as it is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of natural resources in the world, with many natural reserves such as Ballestas Island in Ica, Manu National Park located in the jungle, considered one of the largest habitats that keeps in its green house.

That's not all, remember that we also have the Andes mountain range that crosses all of Latin America, within our territory we can see the beautiful snow-capped mountains of Salkantay, Ausangate considered the highest and tutelary of Cusco.

Arequipa has one of the deepest canyons in the world, the Colca Canyon where you can see the flight of the condors or on the Peruvian coast the Paracas Natural Reserve is home to sea lions, penguins and pelicans and more species.

Leader in Gastronomy

Each region of the Peruvian state delights us with different typical dishes and the warm season on the coast is ideal to delight our palates with Peruvian ceviche, pisco sour, causa rellena among other dishes, but do not forget the jungle that also offers the famous tacacho with sesina, fish dishes and more.

And let's not forget the Peruvian highlands that delight us with the delicious pork rinds, chicken broth, adobo arequipeño among other dishes that are icons in the gastronomic world. Peru has been recognized worldwide for more than five years for its exquisite gastronomy.


Peru is a complete country and many national and foreign tourists love to do adventure sports, extreme sports and the geographic nature helps in this part because you can practice canoeing, kayaking, sailing in the Amazon River, mountain biking, underwater hunting and other activities in the coast, highlands and jungle of Peru.

Cultural Wealth

As I mentioned at the beginning, Peru has a variety of cultures to show, festivals that are still practiced and little by little have become part of its people and they celebrate them as such. Its three regions still preserve the clothing of their ancestors, their way of speaking, living, beliefs are still maintained despite the time, this makes it more important.

Reason why many foreigners come to study the ancient ancestral culture that is still alive. Knowing all these reasons Peru is one of the most popular destinations to visit, do not wait too long to get to this magnificent place, book your tour with Terandes and visit Peru.

Important Peruvian festivities in the month of February

Our country is diverse, multicultural and on specific dates the people, parishioners make the respective preparations in order to honor their patron, saint since these are part of the tradition and custom of the Inca, colonial times and more.

Feast of the Virgin of Candelaria

It is one of the biggest festivals of Puno "Folkloric Capital of America" is celebrated in the month of February for at least two weeks, we are talking about the feast of the Virgin of Candelaria who was also declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The month of February annually becomes the scene of one of the most celebrated festivals, with multicolored and cheerful costumes, but that's not all this party is the fusion of colonial religious tradition related to the custom and devotion to the virgin.

The festival is so important for the population of Puno and there are about 40,000 dancers, 200 musical bands and as a representative dance of this beautiful festival is the "Diablada". Through the dances their parishioners express all their devotion and commitment.

Festival de los compadres y comadres (Festival of the compadres and comadres)

This festivity has more of a satire theme because the dolls they represent are made with the purpose of exaggerating their defects, exaggerating their activities and more; as for the dances, they participate according to the locality in which they are located.

The dancers dance around a tree until they make it fall and win the gifts that are in the tree and the couple that makes the tree fall will be the next butler to perform the new carnival.

  • Fiesta de los compadres

This celebration takes place during the last two weeks of February with movable dates, first it starts with the compadres in which the community, markets and other public sectors represent them by means of many rag dolls hung in the markets, posts of their neighborhood, among other places.

The hanging dolls allude to a special person, emblematic gentlemen, authorities that will be the center of the fun mockery.

  • Feast of the comadres

Like the previous premise, but this time they celebrate or represent the most gossipy women or those who give people something to talk about, they are also hung on the poles, in the markets so that those who see them can make fun and identify who they might be.

After these celebrations, the carnival is celebrated as a central day on a Sunday, in which many go out to play, others make the yunza and the one who cuts the tree will be the steward or in charge of this festivity.

Carnivals in Peruvian territory

It is the most joyful party and celebrated by all Peruvians from different parts of Peru, here each region and locality have a custom and a specific dance that represent in the carnival, its colors shine, multiple dances and best of all is that they also delight their palates with their typical dishes, one of them is the puchero.

Among the carnivals that are celebrated in the different localities, the carnival of Cajamarca is one of the biggest festivals, one could say that it is the European carnival but in Peru.

Carnivals of Cajamarca

The Cajamarca Carnival is one of the most awaited festivities in Peru, characterized by costumes, singing groups, parades and full party in the streets of Cajamarca.

This festival does not have a fixed date, but it is held in the month of February and usually takes place in the first weeks of this month, days before they prepare with dances, competitions, parades and other activities, one of the best festivals that offers unforgettable experiences and joyful.

It is a whole organization of commissions to carry out the great water festival, if you are in Peru in the month of February you have to be part of this great colorful and picturesque festival.

Recommendations for a trip to Peru in February

Peru is a festive country, beautiful because it enchants you with its landscape, it has a thousand activities that you can practice; however, I leave you some recommendations that you should take into account.

  • Always have your documentation at hand
  • Change currency if you are from abroad so you can use it without problems, remember that many places are rustic and do not accept card payments.
  • Regarding the weather will depend on where you are, if you are on the coast then you should wear light clothes because they are summering, the weather is warm. If you are in the jungle in this month there is rain, but the warm weather is constant, and if you are in the mountains in February is rainy season so you should have waterproof and warm clothes.
  • You must be prepared for altitude sickness, always carry water and adequate shoes for trekking.
  • A good camera to take the best memories with you.
  • Have a list of places you want to travel to.

If you want to travel through the different attractions of Peru, then plan your trip with Terandes, write us and visit our blog to know more about Peru.

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