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Anniversary of Lima, January 18th

The anniversary of Lima takes place on January 18, with various events and activities that are enjoyed virtually and in person, annually the activities are organized by the Municipality of Lima "thrice crowned town" or "city of kings".

The capital was founded by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535, who baptized it with the name "Ciudad de Reyes" (City of Kings), a city that was chosen for its geographical location; it is currently the center of the national economy, politics, culture, education and more.

Lima Anniversary History

Lima is considered the capital of the Republic of Peru, besides being the political, cultural, historical and gastronomic center. It is located on the central coast of the country on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and is the most populous city in South America.

The creation of the city of Lima dates back to 1532, when a group of Spanish conquistadors arrived in the Inca Empire led by Francisco Pizarro, who after defeating the Incas was in search of a city to turn it into a capital.

The conqueror had that power, since the Spanish crown had granted him some rights and he named himself governor of now capital of Peru and named it Ciudad de Reyes, the place was chosen because it met the needs of the Spaniards, its good geographical location, climate.

Francisco Pizarro founded the new capital on January 18, 1535, calling it "City of the Kings", today this huge city has the best attractions such as churches, archaeological sites, modern mansions, its beaches are the most visited by its inhabitants and tourists.

Also, the historic center of Lima was declared Cultural Heritage in 1991 by Unesco, being the only capital of Latin America that has access to the sea, has attractive neighborhoods like Miraflores, Barranco, if you like Peruvian cuisine you can find it here and taste the typical dishes from Peru such as ceviche, the huancaína potato, suspiro limeño, etc..

Lima as a city is the headquarters of several institutions of great importance and is considered the fifth most populated city in Latin America, has the international air terminal called Jorge Chavez and its seaport.

Activities for the Anniversary of Lima in Peru

The activities carried out for the Anniversary of Lima were carried out in person and virtually, the latter was done by the health situation (Covid-19) that the country and the world, therefore the activities carried out have almost the same theme, are as follows:

  • Serenata a Lima (January 17)
  • Health Campaign, "Lima takes care of you".
  • Exhibition of the Act of the Founding of Lima (January 27th to 19th)
  • Contests organized for Lima's Anniversary
  • Guided tours (Maranga Archaeological Center, Park of Legends and the Metropolitan Museum of Lima).

How do you celebrate Lima's anniversary?

Lima for its anniversary organizes various activities that encourage local tourism, culture and education either in person or virtually; it is worth mentioning that the activities are the sightseeing tour, serenade with the presence of national artists, contests in commemoration of Lima, presentation of their desserts and typical dishes of Lima.

Picture gallery of Lima's Anniversary

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