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National Marinera Contest

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Home » Festividades del Perú » National Marinera Contest

Every year this contest of Marinera Trujillo, one of the cultural manifestations of Trujillo also considered as the National Capital of the Marinera takes place every year.

Traditional dance of Peru in which the miscegenation is present and they celebrate it every January, also they make Peruvian horse competitions of step that lasts approximately two days.

When is the Marinera de Trujillo Contest?

As we mentioned before, it takes place in the month of January, where first the presentation of the queen of the 63rd National Marinera Contest and 13th Marinera World Championship 2023 takes place.

The contest will take place from January 22nd to January 29th, 2023, according to the 63rd program of the National Marinera Contest.

Where and how does the national Peruvian Marinera contest take place?

The competition takes place in Trujillo, in the region of La Libertad. This famous competition has been held since 1960 and has been officially recognized since 1986.

During the contest, a number of participants will gather accompanied by their musicians, who will accompany them in the interpretation of the iconic marineras dance, after having lived a quarantine for two years, this national contest will be lived with total normality.

What is the origin of the Peruvian Marinera?

The Marinera Peruana dates back to 1960 when the president of the Club Libertad de Trujillo, Juan J. Ganoza Vargas had the purpose of raising funds and promote the growth of the club.

Already on October 14, 1960 Guillermo Ganoza V. forms a directive together with a proposal to organize activities for funds and a contest of marinera dances. Since then an annual contest is held, and over the years were increasing participants and more categories.

In 1986 it is officially recognized by the Peruvian State through Law No. 24447, declared as the National Capital of the Marinera. According to the history marinera in the first contest gave a satisfactory turn, since it had a great acceptance reason why it is carried every year, until today.

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