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Festivity of the niño dulce or niño perdido, Huancavelica

Home » Festividades del Perú » Festivity of the niño dulce or niño perdido, Huancavelica
Home » Festividades del Perú » Festivity of the niño dulce or niño perdido, Huancavelica

The festivity of the Niño Dulce or Niño Perdido, Huancavelica is another of the great festivities that this region has and that some regions of Peru also realize it. The representative dance for this great party is the "Negritos".

Every year, after the feast of the Niño Occe, the feast of the Niño Perdido or Niño Dulce Nombre de Jesús takes place, which is usually celebrated the second week of January, but sometimes the date is changed.

According to the story, it is said that the child is mischievous, playful and it is confirmed by the lady who makes the clothes for the Negritos, she says that every year some garment is always lost or that some villagers saw the child playing in the streets, as you can see that his shoes are worn, his clothes, etc..

The legend tells that some time ago in the coastal hacienda where the black slaves worked, there appeared to them a child known as Niño Perdido and everyone was amazed by the beauty of the little boy that even the caporal stopped whipping them because his beauty was great and surprising.

But it is said that the Child was lost, so the Negritos with the help of the Caporal go in search of the Child. It is there where the annual tradition begins in which the Negritos de Huancavelica led by the María Rosa and the Caporal make their entrance to the Villa Rica de Oropesa or Tierra del Mercurio.

They ride on their horses in search of the child, but along the way they give the people fresh grapes, wine that they brought from the area where they work, as they are in search of the lost child they go through all the streets and almost at night they arrive at the Santo Domingo church where they find the child Dulce Nombre de Jesús (Sweet Name of Jesus).

Once they have found the Niño Dulce Nombre de Jesús, the party begins without stopping, but he is not the only child they celebrate, because next to him there is another child known as the Niño Fajardito, both participate in the party and are received by the patroncitos mayores (Mayordomos), patroncitos menores (autores) and respectively their Negritos.

Where do you celebrate the feast of the sweet child?

The festivity of the Infant Dulce Nombre de Jesus is celebrated in Huancavelica, in the temple of Santo Domingo in the same region.

When is the feast of the Niño perdido celebrated in Huancavelica?

It is usually celebrated from January 11 to 15 (movable date), an unmissable festivity in Huancavelica.

Pictures of the party

Recommended video party of the Niño Perdido

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