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Pachamama Day August 1st

Home » Festividades del Perú » Pachamama Day August 1st
Home » Festividades del Perú » Pachamama Day August 1st

Since Inca times, the Day of the Pachamama has been celebrated, a practice that continues to this day in different Andean towns of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. The purpose of this festivity is to worship the earth (primordial element of the Andean cosmovision) thanking her for everything she has given, for her protection and abundance.

What does Pachamama mean?

The word Pachamama derives from Aymara and Quechua, in which "Pacha" means space, time, universe and world and "Mama" means mother; for the Incas or ancient ancestors the word Pachamama represented female fertility and the protector of all animal species living in nature.

What is Pachamama?

As I told you this practice is done since ancient times and is celebrated every August 1st of each year known as the month of Pachamama, this in order to preserve, give thanks for all that it provides to humanity and its abundance.

Following this, a special offering is prepared using a variety of products such as: rice grains, sugar, white and yellow corn, lentils, peas, chickpeas, sweets, cotton, banknotes, coca leaves, among others. After assembling the offering, the offering is buried together with flowers, fruits and some drinks, giving thanks for everything, making the place sacred, since it opens a portal between the earth and its world.

As I mentioned the offering made on this special day has a unique strength and can only be done by the altomisayoq or pampamisayoq, you also take the opportunity to thank Mother Earth and asking her to make this a good year and continue to provide food and abundance.

As you know the farmers work the land during certain dates, but it happens that the whole month of August is strictly forbidden to work, because it is said that the land is alive and therefore should not be worked for any reason, with this we want to show that nature is alive and also has a process.

In conclusion, the August 1st is where Mother Earth is alive and offerings are given in gratitude for all her love, abundance and food, life itself; therefore we make a special offering, accompanied by fruits, chocolates, drinks, all this will depend on the custom you have in your region or locality.

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