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Party Child Occe, descent of kings Huancavelica

Home » Festividades del Perú » Party Child Occe, descent of kings Huancavelica
Home » Festividades del Perú » Party Child Occe, descent of kings Huancavelica

The party child Occe, descent of kings Huancavelica is a party that is made with a religious fervor of all Huancavelica, this celebration is made with the initiation of the Spanish foundation, because thanks to this religious orders arrived that invite us to revive this party.

The religious celebration begins nine days before January 6th, during this festivity the parishioners gather in different places to talk and make prayers in favor of the child Occe.

When is the feast of the Occe child celebrated?

It is celebrated from the 4th to the 7th of January and its central day is the 6th of the same month, in which it is celebrated with a solemn mass with the presence of the Huancavelican inhabitants.

Reyes Magos Huancavelica
Reyes Magos Huancavelica Foto:@gian_vergara90

How to celebrate the low of kings in Huancavelica

The feast of the Descent of the Kings in Huancavelica is special for the locals, because on January 4 they make a journey of the beginning; here some figures like:

The Doctors, are two or three who wear a tongo hat, male with a wire mesh mask, their hat is wide with the front part folded at the top, pants puffed and short below the knees, blouse with bobos and blondes on the edge of the neck and sleeve.

In the case of the women they are covered with a tulle that covers the head and face, they hold the head with a crown of white flowers, long dress with bobos at the edge, neck and cuffs. Four qaramachos "old men of dry skin" in Quechua Bufos with satirical masks and dressed as huancavelican peasants all of them accompany with harp and violin to the sound of a minuet.

Bajada De Reyes En Huancavelica
Bajada De Reyes En Huancavelica Foto:@gian_vergara90

The central day, the streets, squares, Santo Domingo temple, the portals of the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral and the same temple San Francisco are scenarios of this great festivity, in which is the scene of the Adoration of the Child by the Three Kings with dance, theater and religious music considered as cultural.

As we mentioned some places serve as scenery, for example the atrium of the Cathedral serves to stage Herod's palace in Jerusalem, the Magi take place in the ruins of the "Palace of King Solomon" to visit Herod and invite him to see the newborn Child King without giving more information.

Then the Three Wise Men go to Bethlehem (they go on foot to the Plaza Bolognesi) to the atrium of the temple of San Francisco where the Nativity of the Holy Family is located next to the newborn baby. The kings and shepherds declaim themes of adoration, dance minuets in quadrille and the qaramachos together with the kichkamachos are in charge of taking care of the space and making jokes.

Finally, the dramatization of this feast ends with the procession and band of musicians together with the orchestra with violin, harp and saxophone.

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