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Handicraft Market in Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu

Home » Blog Machu Picchu » Handicraft Market in Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu
Home » Blog Machu Picchu » Handicraft Market in Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu

The handicraft market located in Aguas Calientes, a few steps from the train station, sells various handicraft products such as sweaters, ponchos, hats, gloves, blankets, souvenirs, paintings, all with Andean designs.

What do they sell in the Machu Picchu market?

Although it is a small market you can find a variety of fabrics among ponchos, chullos and other souvenirs ideal for souvenirs and evidence that if we were in this beautiful Inca city.

We will classify it as:

Crafts: The south of the country is characterized by traditional costumes, many of them are handicrafts, the products offered are made from alpaca, vicuña and llama fiber.

Among the products that we will find are sweaters, gloves, chullos, ponchos, scarves, backpacks, handbags, hats and other Andean products.

Musical instruments: In the same way we can find musical instruments ranging from guitars, quenas, flutes, panpipes and other musical instruments.

Imagery, sculpture: In this section we will find a variety of Andean paintings and some sculptures so you can take them as a souvenir of this great trip.

Souvenirs: We will find other little things among them some works that you can take as souvenirs among them you can find mirrors with Inca ornaments, carvings, paintings, key chains or jewelry among other beautiful things.

How to get there?

You can arrive in two ways:

  • The first you can come by train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes or Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes, it is a few steps from the train station.
  • The second option is to come from Hidroeléctrica to Aguas Calientes, you just have to go to the town of Aguas Calientes and go up the first bridge and go to the right hand there is the handicraft market of Machu Picchu.

Hours of Operation

It attends every day of the week, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Finally, the market offers typical products made from alpaca fiber, vicuña; you can pay with credit or debit card. You can also pay in cash, I recommend that if you are interested in any garment, jewelry or other product, look around the different stores, there may be more models or designs that you like more.

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