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How to get to Machu Picchu from Cusco?

Home » Blog Machu Picchu » How to get to Machu Picchu from Cusco?
Home » Blog Machu Picchu » How to get to Machu Picchu from Cusco?

To visit Machu Picchu we have two options, it can be by train or by car, these two modalities take us to the same town and then we arrive at the Inca citadel. In this article we will know how to get to this tourist attraction from Cusco.

Routes to get to Machu Picchu from Cusco

To get to the citadel we have two options or routes to get there, the first is to go by train to the citadel, the other option is to go by car to a certain part and then take the train to get to the Inca city, well now we will explain in more detail these two routes that you will take.

By train

Traveling by train is one of the best unique and incredible experiences, because it allows you to enjoy the colorful landscape of the highlands, you can appreciate the snow-capped mountains that surround the beauty of this place.

To take the train from Cusco we must go to Poroy, from there leave the trains to Machu Picchu, currently there are two train companies that provide the service are PeruRail and IncaRail.

The distance to get to the train station in Poroy will depend on the transportation you use, if you are using private transportation it will take you at least 1 hour from Cusco city center. On the other hand if you are coming on your own or you are using public transportation it will take you more than 1 hour to get there.

Por ello, debes de organizar bien tus tiempos, ahora ten en cuenta esto, si compraste tu boleto en un determinado tiempo y vas a viajar en tren el mismo día de visita a Machu Picchu, entonces tu horario de tren debe ser un poco antes del ingreso a la ciudad Inca.

This in order to have time to go up to Machu Picchu and not lose your income. You should also know that the end of the train is at the Aguas Calientes station, and from there you take a bus or you can walk to the archaeological site, and if you decide to go by bus you must buy your ticket that will take you to the Inca citadel and also return in it.

Although there is also another option, once you arrive at Machu Picchu village, you can ascend to the llaqta on foot, the stretch will take you about 1 hour and a half, this depends on the physical endurance you have, you can do it in less than that time, but it depends on your stamina.

  • To go by train the ticket must be booked in advance.
  • Preferably, you should arrive at the train station up to 30 minutes before your train departure.
  • Options that give you a view of the landscape are the Vistadome, Observatory (PeruRail) or Machu Picchu Train 360 (InkaRail).

By car

This is the mode that most visitors choose, you do not have a better view of the landscape, however it is the most practical. To take a bus you must go to Calle Pavitos next to the Universidad Tecnológica de los Andes UTEA, from the center of the city to this stop is about 20 minutes walk and about 10 minutes by cab.

The bus fare is 10 soles to 15 soles and the arrival time is 45 minutes to the town of Ollantaytambo, usually these buses leave you at the same train station in Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu.

As I told you in the beginning, you must organize your time well, just like traveling by train you must take into account the time of entry to the archaeological site so that according to that you can buy your train ticket.

Once in Machu Picchu you must buy the bus ticket that will take you to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu or you can do it on foot, you decide whether you go on foot or by bus.

  • To go by bus you must book your entrance to Machu Picchu before.
  • If you are going by bus to Ollantaytambo and from there you will take the train, preferably do it a few hours in advance, you may miss your train if you do not do it in time.

How to get from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu?

This is the shortest route, once you are already installed in Aguas Calientes and you have your entrance ticket to Machu Picchu, the only thing you have to do is buy your bus ticket that will take you to the archaeological site of Machu Picchu and enjoy this wonder, with an impressive view and its Inca constructions are still intact.

The bus ride takes about 30 minutes and have your entrance ticket to the llaqta ready.

But if you are a trekking lover, you want to see the greenish landscape and you love walking, then it is not necessary to go by bus; you can walk the 10 km that separate Aguas Calientes from Machu Picchu.

The approximate time to get to the Inca citadel is 1 hour and 30 minutes, but the time of arrival will depend on your physical endurance, you can do it in less time or more but always keep in mind the time of entry to Machu Picchu.

There are only two ways to reach this mountain from Aguas Calientes.

Getting to Machu Picchu from Cusco with Terandes.com

The trip to the 7 wonder of the world can be done independently, but sometimes it takes time to move from one place to another, book in advance your entrance tickets to the Inca city, your train or bus to Aguas Calientes, so the best option is to have the services of a travel agency who are responsible for managing all this work.

If you travel with a travel agency (terandes.com) your trip will be more relaxed, in which you only have to enjoy the most of each site you visit, we as an agency take care of booking your entrance ticket to Machu Picchu, your train, your bus ticket and everything else according to your time of visit.

We also have a private transportation service, and we have specialized and properly trained guides, so our goal is that you enjoy your trip to the fullest and take the best memories of our city and country.

If you are interested in visiting this archaeological site and more attractions write us to our WhatsApp +51 984 550 165 or leave us a message in our mail ventas@terandes.com and we will contact you to organize your trip.

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