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Inca Bridge at Machu Picchu

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Home » Blog Machu Picchu » Inca Bridge at Machu Picchu

It is one of the little known sites of Machu Picchu, yes, we are talking about the Inca bridge in the citadel, perhaps you did not hear that this place existed; but now I will show you that this bridge does exist and it is on the west side of the archaeological site.

In the Inca period there were many bridges that joined Inca roads, and this would not be the exception, but it had another purpose that we will know later, its base is made of finely carved stones and for the passage was used a wooden trunk of 5 meters, nowadays you can make a short visit and appreciate it from a certain distance.

Well, I showed you a little of this incredible site, but now we will talk more about the Inca bridge of Machu Picchu, we will know where it is located, how to get there, what we can see or do and what are its characteristics and some tips before visiting this beautiful attraction.

Where is the Inca bridge of Machu Picchu located?

Before knowing its location, I want to tell you a little more about this Inca bridge; when the Inca city of Machu Picchu was discovered in 1911 also many sites come to light as this bridge that was covered by all the vegetation, it can also be deduced that this bridge could have been built by Pachacutec when they worked on the construction of the Inca city.

According to history, this bridge was built in case of an invasion, they could remove the wooden bridge of 5 meters and with this they prevented their enemies from entering the most important Inca city.

The bridge was built on the west side of the Machu Picchu citadel, is located at an altitude of 2,430 m and is at a distance of 45 minutes to reach the highest point and appreciate all its route, not only that you can also see other places that later I will indicate.

How to get there?

Once we enter the Machu Picchu citadel showing our entrance tickets and identification we go to the House of the Guardian where we can take the classic photo, from there we go to the Inca Bridge and take a detour to the entrance to the bridge.

You must register before and after entering, the approximate time to get to see the Inca bridge will take about 20 to 25 minutes to arrive. Remember that to see the Inca bridge you must buy your ticket only Machu Picchu.

What to see and do in Machu Picchu Inca Bridge?

  • From this point you will be able to see the construction of the Inca Bridge, at the end of the road you will see a gate with wooden bars that indicates that only up to there is the entrance, so do not try to go over this gate.
  • You can see the vegetation surrounding this site, insects, birds.
  • You can see the course of the Apurimac River that surrounds the archaeological site.
  • You will be able to see the mountains of the Andes and the jungle.

Characteristics of the Inca Bridge

  • This Inca bridge of Machu Picchu is characterized by having a base of well carved stones and the crosswalk is made of wooden logs, it is approximately 5 meters long and below it the cliff measures about 20 meters, it is said that it functioned as a boundary of Machu Picchu with the other west side.
  • It was built on the side of a mountain so the base was made of stone to continue the path of the Inca bridge, compared to the others that are made of straw as the Queswachaka, or stone bridge Checacupe and more.

You can visit the Inca bridge of Machu Picchu every day of the week from 6 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, access is with your ticket to Machu Picchu and your identity card, when entering and leaving you must always register.

Finally, this route offers us a new adventure route to see an extraordinarily incredible bridge, because the road took you to another mountain, although we can't see where exactly it went, but we suppose that it was very important, especially when they suffered invasion or civil wars, etc.

The path to the Inca bridge is safe, just walk very carefully and avoid getting close to the edge of the road or taking pictures near the cliff.

Tips for visiting

  • Make sure you have all your identity documents, passport, entrance to Machu Picchu, train.
  • Take trekking shoes, your feet will thank you, hat, sunscreen, light cotton clothing.
  • Carry plenty of water in a water bottle or take everything returnable, snacks, dried fruits.
  • Have cash in case you need to buy something on the road.
  • It is forbidden to bring selfie sticks, tripods, non-returnable bottles that may cause damage to the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.
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